It's also where the trail remains!

2019-10-22 17:05:09

"Walking on and on"

'Thailand' has been visited by Producer Ha Chang-min of “Continue to Walk” and is located in the center of Indochina Peninsula in Southeast Asia.

It is also where the traces of Ayutthaya civilization remain.

The Ayutthaya Kingdom, founded in 1350, was said to have been huge, with over 400 temples and 19 castles at the time.

There are still people living in Thailand amid the traces of Ayutthaya civilization.

Among them, Ha PD visited Phang Nga Bay Marine National Park, Phatthalung Thalenei Lake and Li Du Island.

In the 19th century, “Panyi Floating Village”, which was settled by five sea gypsies in Indonesia, also attracted attention.

Sea hawks and gibbons, who live with people in the village, also robbed their eyes.

Sea Gypsies Descendant Yon said, “I think we settled about 300-400 years ago.

I am a husband, this is my wife and the last is my son. ”

Famous for the filming location of the "Man with a Golden Gun," the so-called "James Bond Island" has become a global tourist attraction.