ATEEZ Wooyoung, "I want to do it with Jimin seniors."

2019-10-23 20:45:10

Jung Woo-young, a representative of ATEZ, said he hopes to collaborate with Jimin, a representative of BTS.

"If Wooyoung can collaborate, who would you like to collaborate?" Asked "Jimin seniors, I want to do it," a questionnaire was posted on the online community, and the fan sentiment about Jimin became a hot topic.

Wooyoung, who is in charge of the dance and vocal positions of ATI's, said that he is Jimin of BTS as his role model, and "Jimin's direct cams (fan cams) learn a lot."

Wooyoung is known to have a close relationship with the Tomorrow by Together Fed, a junior group of BTS.

Jimin, who is in charge of the performance of BTS with unrivaled dance lines and tones and enjoys the highest reputation and popularity with the group, has been selected as the target of envy of junior idols.

On the other hand, fans are hoping that one day they will have a dance on one stage. "Also, the dancers hug the dancers." "I'm very discerning that Bontoby idol Jimin is a role model."

I'll see you. "