Kim Seo-hyung, forty-eight years old, "I think marriage is not the right answer for life"

2020-01-19 16:45:13

Actress Kim Seo-hyung, who was loved by the viewers as a villain in JTBC 'SKY Castle', appeared in 'Lee Dong-wook wants to talk' to show the excellent entertainment and netizens' attention.

In the recently broadcast SBS entertainment program 'Lee Dong-wook wants to talk' (hereinafter 'Uk Talk'), actor Kim Seo-hyung appeared as the main character.

Kim Seo-hyung confessed that he likes cooking, saying, "Have you eaten?"

Born in 1973 and forty-eight years old this year, Kim made his debut with Miss Kangwon in 1992 and made his debut as a KBS 16th talent talent in 1994.

In the SBS drama 'Giant' broadcasted in 2010, Park Jin-hee's mother role was played by Yoo Kyung-ok, a viewer's eye stamp.

Kim Seo-hyung appeared in the Gold Miss feature of MBC entertainment program 'Nolwa' after the end of 'Giant' and announced 'Why not married yet'.

Kim Seo-hyung appeared in the MBC entertainment program 'Noluwa' that was broadcasted in 2011 with Jo Mi-ryeong, Woo Hee-jin, Yoon Ji-min, and Kim Hyun-sook.

At that time, Kim Seo-hyung chose `` a man who could ride a cycle together with Misari '' as a spouse's condition, and asked `` why haven't you been married so far? ''

"It was hard to be immersed in the role at the time of filming the temptation of" I'm so eager to be eager for the work every time, so it's better to focus on acting than love. "

Through this, he expressed confidently that he lived a proud and wonderful life as an actor.

The real villain acting at SKY Castle is SBS 'Wife Temptation' Shin Ae Lee, 'Giant' Yoo Kyung Ok, 'Salaryman's Hanjiji' Mogabi, MBC 'Ji Empress' Hwang Tae Hu, tvN 'Good Wife' Signature Hee, MBC 'Come and Hug Me'

Park Hee-young and so many different characters.

This was also possible because of Kim Seo-hyung's worries and acting skills.