Lee Sung-min's emergency arrest in front of Money Game Yoo Tae-soo ... What's his ending?

2020-03-05 20:05:12

'Money Game' will be the final meeting on the 5th.

tvN Tree Drama 'Money Game' was the first Korean drama to portray the stories of economic officials, immersive story and trusting babysitting, and high quality as if watching a movie on the other hand.


In particular, at the end of the last 15 times, Heo Jae (Lee Sung-min), who has reached the threshold of the presidential election, is arrested in front of Chae Lee-heon (Kosu) -Yu Jin-han (Yu-tae Oh), reaffirming the implications of the ending restaurant.

I was.

The point of watching the last meeting of the 'money game' is.

■ Chae, Lee Heon vs. Eugene, who can never lose the game?

Chae Lee-heon and Eugene Han, the best rivals of the “money game,” were divided by 1 win and 1 loss in the fierce financial war surrounding the Korean economy.

First of all, Eugene suffered huge losses for the Korean economy by succeeding in buying up the price of Jung In Bank through “BIS ratio manipulation”.

Chae Lee-heon, who was indignant at this point, prevented Eugene's farmwork that would trigger a second IMF in Korea in exchange rate attacks with a "exchange rate defense" card.

Chae Lee-hun and Eugene Han, who were divided by 1 win and 1 loss, return to the beginning of the financial scandal and play the final game.

It is necessary to find Eugene's guilty evidence in the Chungin Bank BIS manipulation case under investigation by the prosecution.

Indeed, it is noted who will be the final winner of the game.

■ What is the end of Jae-jae, a monster made by self-confidence?

It is a point to draw attention to how the end of Hurjae is drawn.

Huh Jae-jae, a member of the Korean negotiating team during the 1997 financial crisis, killed Jae-Bak Hak, who hindered his path, expressing the belief that he must wield powerful power to correct the Korean economy from the ground up.

A monster up to you.

By holding hands with Chae Lee-Hun and confronting the Bahamian Eugene Han, “Is He Jaejae a good person?

Is it a bad person? 'But as the presidential election emerged, the faded behavior caused viewers' anger.

As Hu Jae-jae, who has been captivated by self-confidence and justifies his evil deeds, is being cured at the president's threshold, which is the biggest goal of his life, he is wondering if he will be able to atone and reopen.

■ Will the blood, sweat and tears of “Economic Heroes” including Chae Lee-Hun and Lee Hye-Jun be fruitful?

“Economic Hero”, who defended the Korean economy in the plunder of foreign capital and furians, as well as Chae Lee-Hun, Lee Hye-jun, Han Sang-min (Choiung-station) and Park Soo-jong (Orung Station).

Their blood, sweat, and tears bear fruit, and it is eye-catching whether Korea's economy will have a bright future.

In particular, in the last 15 times, Chae Lee-Hun submitted a resignation to the register and the Korean government was in danger of losing the best economic bureaucracy.

Therefore, attention is focused on whether Chae Lee-Hun will leave the unit as it is or turn its mind and create the future of the Korean economy with Lee Hye-Joon.

■ Chae Heon Lee-Hye Jun Lee-Eugene, the end of the delicate triangle?

The interest of viewers is hot for the subtle triangle of Chae Lee-Hun-Yu-Jin around Lee Hye-jun.

Chae Lee-Hun cares about Lee Hye-jun as a junior, but the people around him perceive the atmosphere of 'above senior' in Chae Lee-Hun's actions.

Eugene Han, on the other hand, is a straight line for Lee.

Eugene, a cold-blooded man with no blood or tears, is shaking his heart with Lee Hye-joon's first boy-like appearance.

In particular, the relationship between Lee Hye-jun and Eugene Han is paying attention to the NIS beyond his family and the family.

Attention is drawn to what endings the relationship between Chae Lee-heon, Lee Hye-jun and Eugene Han will be.

“Money Game” said, “We are deeply grateful to the patrons who have supported and supported the“ Money Game ”.

We did our best to show the ending that Money Game is about and the ending that viewers sent.

Please watch with affectionate eyes until the end. ”