HWPL (Sky Culture World Peace Liberation), Shincheonji camouflage organization founded by PD Man-hee Lee?

2020-03-10 13:45:12

Coronavirus Infectious Disease Begins in Wuhan, China and Fears the World-19.

Corona19, which is rapidly spreading in Korea recently and occupies real-time search word every day, threatens not only the health of the people but also the national economy.

At the center of the controversy surrounding this national emergency was the Religious Group Xintiandi-Jesus Evidence Tabernacle (Xintiandi).

On February 18, the 31st infected person emerged from Shincheonji Daegu Church.

He is the first corona19 confirmer in Daegu.

Since then, the number of infected people has increased intensively in Daegu and Gyeongbuk, accounting for 90% of the total number of confirmed patients as of March 8.

Even nationwide infected people are spreading.

What is the secret of this religious group, which has nearly 250,000 believers in Sincheonji, which is suspected as the "host" of the Corona 19 incident?

“The time will come when 144,000 will rule the world.

A new world will come. ”

-Former Sincheonji Shinto

President Lee Sin-hee, the president of Shincheonji, is called the King of Kings of Immortality and King of Kings. He created a new religion on March 14, 1984, and now has 250,000 members.

Although he grew up in a short time, he has been controversial due to his mission to hide his identity and the deification of President Man-hee Lee, and has recently been focused on the corona virus.

After the dangerous secret side of Sincheonji in 2007, PD Notebook came back to find Shincheonji and Lee Man-hee in 13 years.

Lee Man-hee, President of the Shincheonji, established an organization called HWPL (Health of Peace and Culture in the World) for the end of war and world peace.

Apart from Sincheonji, the city is actively pursuing an international law called DPCW.

However, the testimony that HWPL is a gastrointestinal outskirts of Xintiandi continues.

According to a former member of Shincheonji's international ministry, the international church members were responsible for HWPL's main tasks, including inviting overseas personnel to the International Conference hosted by HWPL.

HWPL was found to be approaching domestic politicians as well as abroad.

In fact, he received an absurd anecdote that he had secured an invitation letter from HWPL to the parliamentary office and had contacted the secretary-general with a lie that he had made an appointment with former Prime Minister Lee Nak-yeon.

Why is Shinchonji working as a peace group called HWPL?

“I act as if I'm separate from Xintiandi, but I know it's an outlying organization.

Make the whole world new world. ”

-Rev. Hyun Wook Shin, Guri Counseling Office

The PD Notebook, which covers the reality of Sincheonji, is part of the 144,000 Secrets of Corona 19 and Sincheonji, which will air on Tuesday, March 10 at 11:10 pm.