Kim Hyung-jun, the burning youth, Leek-joon, Okcheon, Chungbuk.

2020-03-10 14:05:09

Kim Hyung-jun, the leader of the Idol star of the 90s, joined SBS 'Burning Youth' as ​​a new friend.

Kim Hyung-jun, who was summoned in 18 years and gave memories to many fans, attracted attention with his idol pose from the 90s.

In particular, he saw the villagers and misunderstood them as burning youth, showing off the wrong side and laughing.

Hyung-jun could not stand the wait and headed home to meet the youth.

At the house of new friend Hyung-jun, there were Koo Bon-seung and Ahn Hye-kyung who had been contracted for three months.

The two men, who were so excited as they listened to cassette tapes in the 90's, fell into their own world without knowing that a new friend had come.

But at that moment, the two new friends, Hyung-jun, who appeared in surprise, could not hide their shock and joy.

Charismatic leader Kim Hyung-joon showed his unfamiliar eldest son (the first and youngest) when he met the youth.

In addition, Shin Hyo-beom, Lee Ui-jeong and a special bond to reveal a surprise to everyone.

This destination is Okcheon, Chungbuk, famous for leek.

Following their last trip to Pyeongchang, they decided not to collect dues and decided to harvest the specialty leek of Okcheon.

It is the rumor that the 49-year-old drip of the youth did not stop laughing because it promotes blood circulation and most of all, it is known to be good for energy.

You can check out the spring trip of a young new friend Kim Hyung-jun and the young people leaving on Tuesday at 11 pm SBS 'Burning Youth'.

Kim Hyung-jun, born in 1977, is 44 years old.