Professor Kim Eo-jun's News Factory Professor Young-chae Lee, right-wing opponents such as Japan's Abe, and political exploits accused of using Corona 19

2020-03-16 17:45:10

In a news broadcast on the morning of the 16th, Tsui Kim's News Factory, Professor Lee Young-chae of Keisen Women's University in Japan, said in a telephone interview that right-wing rights such as the Abe regime are politically using the accusations when the Corona 19 policy in Japan failed.

“At the interview factory # 3, Professor Lee Young-chae said,“ In Japan, there have been a lot of reports about Korea's medical collapse or many suspicious articles about Korea. ”

When Kim Eui-joon asked, "Why did our country collapse medical care?" Professor Lee Young-chae said, "For example, the economy is collapsing, and President Moon Jae-in is impeached. In other words, these articles about Korea's Chosun and JoongAng Ilbo are used again.

It is becoming. ”

Professor Lee said, “After the trade action since July of last year, the feelings of suspicion toward Korea are the same, that is, the Japanese state is not operating as a system for the Japanese people.

It's done, and Korea is responding much better, but this is not the optimism that various systems are trying to get back to the country properly.

The Olympics are also unstable, and the economy has become more unstable, so it seems that this sentiment toward the Abe regime's alleged policy is being eaten into Japanese society, and rather these are diluting the nature of the problem. ”


In addition, Professor Lee said, “On February 18th, in the local assembly election held in Nakashira, Ibaraki Prefecture, Harada was elected after a special retreat, which included“ exclusion of foreigners, ”such as“ Koreans go out ”.

The election of this man is now being re-emerged in the Japanese consciousness of the Japanese society, and these parts are very serious. In Japan, the Tokyo Newspaper reported about it.

"It's news."

Prof. Lee said, "This shows that Japan is right-wing, including local autonomy, and will advance to the next House of Representatives election or other local council."

"Abe also passed the Corona Special Act, including the Emergency Declaration, last Friday, which was opposed to several meetings that used the Corona situation to complain about the Abe regime, or to keep people out of the way while controlling the media."

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