Corona 19 status, 84 additional confirmers ... 8,320 in total

2020-03-17 11:45:08

On the 17th, the number of confirmed cases infected with Corona 19 in Korea increased by 84 in one day, and the total number of confirmed cases in Korea is now 8,320.

The death toll rose to 82.

According to statistics released by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention at the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (Director Eunkyung Kyung) at 00:00 on the day, the number of confirmed persons increased by 84, compared to 00:00 on the previous day, to 8,320.

Looking at the increased number of corona19 confirmed populations of 84 people, Daegu had the largest number of 32, and Gyeongbuk had five.

The cumulative number of confirmed patients in Daegu is 6,098, and Gyeongbuk is 1,169.

In the Gyeonggi region, 31 new confirmers came from Seongnam Grace River Church.

In Seoul, 12 more people were confirmed, and Incheon increased by one.

The cumulative number of students in Seoul is 265, Gyeonggi 262, Busan 107, Chungnam 115, Incheon 31, Gwangju 16, Daejeon 22, Ulsan 28, Sejong 40, Gangwon 29, Chungbuk 31, Jeonbuk 7

There are 4 people in Jeonnam, 86 in Gyeongnam, 4 in Jeju, and 6 in quarantine.

The proportion of women among the confirmed patients was 61.54%, which was higher than that of men.

By age, 2330 people in their twenties accounted for 28% of the total.

The 50s were followed by 1602 (19.25%), 40s, 1,164 (13.99%), and 60s, 1,33 (12.42%).