Sudukjae drama'Ssanggappocha' Yoo Sung-jae's girlfriends Jung Da-eun and Hwang Jeong-um Why did you visit?

2020-06-24 16:45:05

Jung Da-eun, the 99,999th visitor, comes to'Ssanggappocha'.

In the 11th episode of the JTBC tree drama'Ssangappocha', which will be aired on the 24th, a pool of 99,999th guests will unfold.

The protagonist is a reincarnation of Yang-myeon, a full-bodied mirror, and Kang Ye-rin (Jung Da-eun), a girlfriend of Han Kang-bae (Yuk Sung-jae).

What is the reason that Yeo-rin visited Wolju (Hwang Jeong-eum) after forgetting her hurtful past and starting a romantic relationship?

A ‘Ssangappocha’, where the lover of the previous life reunites in 500 years, the new lover is born, and the hands of the devil do not stop even when the devil's obstruction flows.

In order to prevent Wolju from going to extinction hell, Hanpul needs to raise two more results.

Even if there is no time to delay, Yeo-rin, who has suddenly stopped her relationship with Kang Bae, is coming to visit Pocha.

In the 11th notice video released earlier, the inner voice that was instantly heard by Yeo-rin who wants to do a skinship with Kang-bae.

The cries of the question, "No, don't magazine!" seem to awaken the trauma of Yeo-rin again.

In order to solve this stuffy heart, I will visit Pocha and get help from Wolju.

The news that Yeolin is coming as the 99,999th guest is also good news for viewers wishing for 100,000 achievements together.

Here, with the release of the Han-Pool lineup for Yeo-rin, attention is getting more attention.

In addition to Wolju, Samsin (Oh Young-sil) and singer So Chan-hui, who showed that Yeo-rin was reincarnate as a mirror-headed injector, are all moving as Yeo-rin's “G Seung.

In particular, Yeo-rin in the public steel cut attracts attention because she wears a hanbok with a head on her side in her ‘Gseung’, unlike the appearance of visiting Pocha.

I wonder what mystery is hidden inside of Yeo-rin, who has been known only for the reincarnation of mysterious stones and mirror mirrors.

The production team said, “Only two people remained until 100,000 monthly earnings were achieved.

How to solve the remaining 2 cases is the last spectator point of'Ssanggappocha', and he predicted, “In the 99,999th guest, the tailored “G Seung” counseling will be a succession and excitement.”

In addition, “In Yeouin's pool, the worldview of “Ssanggappocha”, in which Lee Seung, Seung Seung, and Seung Seung were all connected, is concentrated.

The reason why Yeo-rin visited Pocha, the secret to tell in the "G Seung", and even after the change, let's not miss everything and watch it together."

The 11th episode of'Ssangappocha' will be aired on the 24th at 9:30 pm.