'Heart Signal 3'Cheon In-woo's last date opponent revealed... Kim Kang-yeol, will you meet Park Ji-hyun again this time?

2020-06-24 17:05:04

In'Heart Signal 3', the date of Jeju Island will be released for the first 2 days and 1 night in the Heart Signal season.

Ahead of the final choice, women tenants ask men for the last date.

The women send a date postcard with the message'Please find me' with photos and phrases of the place where the first meeting will take place on Jeju Island.

After receiving the postcards, the men infer who the owner of the postcard is and leave for Jeju Island in search of their partner.

It is noted that they will notice the signals from the women and will be able to date the person they want.

Also, as it is a one-night, two-day trip that has not been seen in the Heart Signal, it is highly anticipated that the last date in Jeju Island could change the loveliness of Love Brain.

First of all, Cheon In-woo's last date is revealed, saying “I will pioneer fate” with her heartfelt heart toward Park Ji-hyun.

In the visual of the warming up, waiting for an opponent at the last date spot, the prediction team admires, "It's like a melodrama epilogue."

In addition, in the figure of Cheon In-woo, who confesses his feelings toward Park Ji-hyun, Yun Si-yoon agrees with his heart by saying, "Inwoo's heart is always sympathetic."

Meanwhile, the last date of Kim Gang-yeol, who succeeded in dating Park Ji-hyun three times in a row, is also released.

Whether Kim Kang-Yeul will meet Park Ji-Hyun like fate this time, or whether he will continue his second date with Cheon-Anna, who has begun sending signals to him, is attracted.

Following this, attention is focused on the last date of the handsome handsome man of Signal House.

Who is his last dated partner among Seo Min-jae, who'soaked in a little bit', and Lee Ga-Hun, who'goes between friends and reason with a common taste'?

Back during the date, the panelists admired "I think I'm watching a pure manga" on the look of Im Han-ryeol running on an electric bike against the picturesque Jeju Island beach.

Jeongui-dong, who made even those who watch with a sweet and delicate sensibility feel the feeling of a lumpy thumb, also reveals his sincere feelings to the date.

It will be revealed in Channel A'Heart Signal 3'at 9:50 pm on the 24th, whether 2 days and 1 night in Jeju Island can change the love line of men and women ahead of the final selection.