Oh my baby Jang Na-ra, I have a crossroads between surgery and child

2020-06-25 14:45:07

Jang Na-ra stands at the crossroads of choice and raises the love index of the home theater to the highest level.

The tvN tree drama'Oh My Baby' (hereinafter'Omabe') is raising the curiosity by revealing the appearance of Jang Na-ra (Jang Ha-ri), who is in a dilemma prior to the 14th broadcast.

In the meantime, it was Jang Na-rae, who showed her willingness to give up her child, and her attention was paid to her fate.

In the last episode of the 13th episode, Jang Hari (Jang Nara) said to Han Sang Lee (Go Jun), a loved one.

The days to be together, every moment to be together” received a proposal with a heartfelt confession and exploded the excitement of a 39-year-old adult Melo.

Jang Ha-ri, who wanted a happier family than anyone, would respond to more than one confession, and raised the interest of viewers cheering on the flower path of the couple.

But today (25th), Jang Na-ra's dark face, wearing a patient suit in steel, eats the chest of the viewer.

The bright smile of Jang Na-ra, who completely hunted two rabbits of'work and love' and exploded the intense woman crush, is nowhere near, and the heavyly undone expression raises her curiosity.

Along with this, even the appearances of Go Jun (Han Sang-han) and Kim Hye-ok (Lee Ok-lan), who have firm faces, have an unusual atmosphere.

The two people who have always been the place to lean whenever they are in trouble.

The two people listening to the doctor's story with a complex expression, as if they are referring to their own hard hearts, awaken.

Among them, the hand of Go Jun who holds the hand of Jang Na-ra is what catches the eye of the viewer.

Strangely, as if showing the strong affection of the couple, it seems that Jun Joon's strong willingness to be a great force by any hand, regardless of the choice he makes in his holding hands.

Meanwhile, the'Omabe' 14th trailer, which was released earlier, catches the attention of Jang Ha-ri, who is suffering from sudden pain.

It looks like Janghari heading somewhere while lying on a mobile bed with a tense face.

The tears in the big eyes of Jang Ha-ri, who catches the trembling heart, stir the heart of the viewer by the feeling that the words “I hear the words of surgery give up the child”.

At the crossroads where one has to choose between surgery and a child, Jang Na-ra will pick out what to choose in the 14th episode of ‘Omabe’ broadcast on today (25th).

On the other hand, tvN'Oh My Baby' is a must-have romance between Jang Ha-ri, a candid party nursery reporter who wants to skip a marriage and have only a child, and three men caught in her eyes lately.

It is broadcast.

Meanwhile, Jang Na-ra was born in 1981, so she is 40 years old this year.

Go Jun was born in 1978 and is forty-three years old this year.