The problem son of the rooftop room is the amount of alcohol and how much?

2020-06-30 15:05:05

Have never been drunk

In'The Troubled Son of the Rooftop Room', Yuri Lee confesses that the amount of alcohol was infinite in her days.

The KBS 2TV entertainment program'Optopbang's Problem Son', which will be aired this afternoon, is a quiz program that solves common-sense problems by Kim Yong-man, Song Eun-i, Kim Sook, Jeong Hyung-don, and Min Kyung-hoon.

On this day's broadcast, Yuri Lee, who showed her acting in the production of bombs in the drama, revealed the story she has been drinking for 15 years, creating a surprise.

Yuri Lee confessed that she was a great lover in the past and confessed to being an infinite drinker who has never been drunk, because the secret (?) is because of the unique drinking habit that never falls before someone in front.

For the reason she had been abstinent so far, she said, "I was so drunk not to drink until the end that I had a bad hangover."

On the other hand, the schedule for the “Stop of the Rooftop Room,” which was broadcasted at 8:50 pm on Monday evening, is scheduled to move, and from this week onwards, it will be visited by viewers at 10:30 pm on Tuesday.

The story of “National Villain” Yuri Lee’s “Akbari Liquor” story will be revealed on the 30th (Tuesday) at 10:30 pm on KBS 2TV’s “Stop of the Rooftop”.

Meanwhile, Yuri Lee was born in 1980 and is 40 years old this year.

Ten years ago, a 12-year-old job was married to a pastor's husband.