'It was a rivalry of love with a burning young friend, Kang Kyung Heon, who confessed to date, and Min-yong Choi and Bruno... Why didn't you come out?

2020-06-30 16:45:09

A mysterious man wearing a helmet for'Burning Youth' appears as a new friend.

And Bruno appears after a long time.

The new friend, “Burning Youth,” broadcast this afternoon, waited for the youth alone, watching an unknown poem (?) in the “Meditation Forest” away from home.

The new friend appeared in camouflage with a leather jacket, leather gloves, and helmet perfectly even in the heat of 33 degrees, and even a motorcycle that matched it was reminiscent of a scene in a Hong Kong movie.

The new friend was unable to wait for the youth, and showed off his fluent (?) Chinese skills, so he started looking for the youth and running into anger.

The new friend, who arrived on the motorcycle near the house, walked around the studio wearing a helmet.

Even though the new friends arrived, the young people who finished the meal without a new friend had a funny situation where they inadvertently neglected their new game.

The poor production team announced the arrival of a new friend, and only then the youth discovered a helmet man standing amongst the staff.

Before the release of new friends, the crew suggested'Choi Seong-guk' and'Choi Min-yong' as hints to guess.

Youths guessed'actor Choi Min-soo' and'sitcom', but couldn't hide the surprise on the face inside the helmet.

The new friend then revealed that it was a hint of love rivalry with Choi Min-yong and a woman, and then revealed the past she confessed to Kyung-heon to make the scene warm.

On the other hand, Bruno left his face for a long time on this trip to Udo, Changwon-si, the island of mystery where the “Burning Youth” was filmed.

Brilliantly aboard the ship, Bruno drew a lot of attention by honestly confessing his stories that could not be seen in'Unbelievable'.

Expectations exploded on this trip as an actress who appeared in a recent drama appeared.

With a variety of genres, acting breathing with top stars, she showed her buzzword, which became a hot topic in the play, and even revealed the story of her birth, surprising everyone.

In addition, she called the youth directly with her hints, and embarrassed Kim Gwang-gyu, who answered the phone by making a wind to hide her identity.

Kim Kwang-gyu, who was on board for a pickup, speculated about the actress's back and was in her 20s, but after confirming the identity of the actress, Kim Kwang-gyu made an unknown scream, saying "It's not a new friend," and she was curious about her identity.


You can check out the golden joys of the old youth you want to see, such as the mysterious Helmet man, Maseong Bruno, and the hot actress, on Tuesday, 30th at 10:20 pm SBS'Burning Youth'.

Meanwhile, Choi Sung-guk was born in 1970 and is fifty-year-old this year.

Min-Yong Choi was born in 1977, so she is 40 years old this year.

Kim Kwang-gyu was born in 1967, so he is fifty-four this year.

Kang Kyung-heon was born in 1975, so he is forty-six years old this year.

Bruno was born in 1978, so he is 40 years old this year.