'China is a Class' Medical Association without Borders Kim, Kyung-hee, Jae-heon Lee, Cross the 5km border to be treated by Jordan's Ramsar

2020-06-30 18:05:07

The surprising story of the urgent disaster medical field is told.

In the JTBC broadcast on the 30th, “China has a class-question” (hereinafter “China has a class”), relief workers from the “Council Without Borders”, Kim Hee-hee and Jae-heon Lee share the answer.

‘The Medical Society without Borders’ is an international humanitarian medical group that helps people suffering from war, disease, and natural disasters.

Since 1971, he has been active in over 70 countries around the world.

In this broadcast, plastic surgeon Kim Hee-hee and orthopedic surgeon Jae-heon Lee tell the story of a dangerous disaster in which bullets and bombs fly unceasingly.

Activist Kim Ki-hee and Jae-heon Lee said in a recent recording of “China is a class,” “the main countries for relief efforts are places where disasters, wars, shootings and terrorism are abundant.”

He added, "There are virtues that are essential for the best treatment in a poor and outdated medical environment."

The virtues chosen by the two are ‘Yeon-seong’.

With insufficient medical personnel and equipment, and when the patient is not sure when to come, it is surprising that veteran doctors use vinegar and sugar.

In South Korea, the process of becoming a precious'medicine' in a disaster scene is revealed.

In addition, activist Lee Jae-heon told the story of Jordan's ‘Ramsa’.

'Ramsa' is a city in the north of Jordan, bordering Syria.

At the time, the victims of the activist Lee Jae-heon were mainly injured in the Syrian civil war, and the fact that they had to cross the border of 5 km in order to receive treatment in case of injured bombing and shooting was surprising.

The shocking fact is that only children can cross the border, so even small children should be separated from their parents.

It was a pity that some patients were famous because they did not exceed 5 km.

The story of “Life without Borders” delivered by Relief Activists Kim Byung-hee and Lee Jae-hun of the MSF can be found in JTBC's “China Has Class-Questions” broadcast on the 30th at 11:00 pm.