Kim Ji-Young, Gwangyang Plum Hong Ssang-ri Master Plum Fried Sauce, Seomjin River Jaeguk-guk, Gwangyang Bulgogi House Introduction

2020-07-03 14:45:05

Actor Kim Ji-young of TV Chosun embraces the Namhae and leaves to Gwangyang, Jeollanam-do, a sunny land that encompasses the shores of Seomjin River and Baekunsan.

Daily meals Kim Ji-young declared'Give up the diet' and Gwangyang's meal table, which showed a storm meal, is revealed.

Accordingly, Kim Ji-young, husband Nam Jin, mother-in-law Kim Yong-rim, and father-in-law Nam Il-woo are also attracting attention.

Food culture has also developed since Gwangyang, boasting abundance enough to say,'When you open the front door, rice enters, when you open the back door, trees enter, and when you open the side door, fish and salt come in.'

Kim Ji-young, who recently weighed 12 kg to shoot a drama, said, "I'm on a diet with a strong heart."

One of Gwangyang's foods that captured Kim Ji-young's appetite is'Plum Fried Sauce.'

'Gwangyang' is a plum,'Plum' comes to mind, and'Plum wishes' Hong Ssang-ri.

At the end of the harvest season, plums Heo Young-man and Kim Ji-young visited Hong Ssang-ri's masters to taste a statue prepared with plums.

Kim Ji-young, who was soaked in fried plum sauce with 14 ingredients such as beef and mushrooms in plum red pepper paste, actively appealed to Hong Ssang-ri, saying, "I'll give you my number!"

In addition, the story of the mother-in-law actor Kim Yong-rim continued at Cheongmaesil Farm, where Jangdok University is full.

The 16-year-old daughter-in-law, Kim Ji-young, repeatedly emphasized the emphasis that "the mother-in-law makes healthy and beautiful food" and "(the mother-in-law) never ferociously" (?) and unexpectedly brought out a laugh.

In addition to this, while tasting the Seomjin River's concubine, he also revealed the unfortunate happiness he had made to his mother-in-law due to alcohol during her honeymoon.

The couple also visit the Gwangyang Bulgogi house, which is 45 years old.

Kim Ji-young is once again absorbed in the juice of the owner's skillful craftsmanship and the flavor of the meat.

In the meantime, the tongs were handed over to Heo Young-man, a foodie, and the food was introduced in earnest.

Among the owners and husbands, actor Nam-jin and Kim Young-young, among the spectators Heo-man Kim, Kim Ji-young picked a master of meat roasting, and who is the main character is revealed on the air.

‘Seater Heo Young-man’s alumni tour’ will be aired at 8pm today.

Actor Kim Ji-young is born in 1974, so she is forty-seven years old this year.

Yong-lim Kim was born in 1940, so he is eighty-one years old this year.

Kim Ji-young's husband, Male Jin, was born in 1969 and is fifty-two years old this year.

The men and women of Kim Ji-young married to the mbc long-lived drama “Rural Diary,” and made a marriage.

Nam-jin's father and Kim Yong-rim's husband are actor Nam Il-woo.

Nam-il Nam was born in 1938, so he is eighty-three years old this year.