Why did you change your attitude in a moment with the hidden inside of North Korea that made the'Exploration Report Seven' issue?

2020-07-03 15:45:06

TV CHOSUN'Exploration Report Seven', which is aired this afternoon, covers in-depth the crisis of the Korean Peninsula triggered by'Pira', the root cause and the real inside of North Korea hidden behind the scenes.

After the declaration of Panmunjom on April 27, 2018, peace seemed to be on the Korean Peninsula.

However, the inter-Korean relations froze in an instant as North Korean leader Kim Yeo-jung, the first vice-president of North Korea, criticized the North Korean refugee organization and the South Korean government that condoned it.

Experts say that North Korea has a'clear purpose' at this point in questioning the North Korean frontier.

In'Exploration Report Seven', we covered in-depth information about North Korea and predicted the future.

On the 4th of last month, North Korea's first vice-president Kim Yeo-jung sent a warning message to warn the North Korean military to destroy the North Korean military agreement if it did not stop the North Korean war.

And on the 16th of last month, North Korea bombed the South-North Joint Contact Office, a symbol of the Panmunjom Declaration.

Since then, Chosun Central TV raised the level of provocation every day by discussing the'Seoul Fire Sea Legend'.

Meanwhile, the silent Chairman Kim Jong-un stepped down and suspended military action.

The atmosphere of inter-Korean relations, which had jumped into an immediate situation, went into a short breath.

However, the prospects of experts are only dark.

Professor Dae-Jin Jeong of Ajou University's Unification Research Institute predicted that "if the conflict is deeper, both South and North will appear on the conversation table."

The crew got an amazing video through the informant.

In the video, people who appear to be North Korean women were watching our popular entertainment program.

On the other hand, the North Korean people were under the'People's Court' because they watched South Korean video.

The reporter stressed that a large number of North Korean troops and South Korean videos are being distributed to North Korea, and the impact is so great that the North Korean authorities are cracking down on them.

However, experts' opinions were different.

He pointed out that even if the government prevented the spread of North Korea, the relationship with North Korea would not improve easily.

Then what do they really want?

Bum-cheol Shin, director of the Korea National Strategy Institute's Center for Foreign Affairs and Security, said, "North Korea has continued to grow negatively due to sanctions against North Korea, and the internal dissatisfaction has reached the point of corona, and it is to blame it on the outside."

During the recent "Pira War" between the two Koreas, North Korea once deployed armed soldiers in the DMZ and reinstalled the loudspeakers.

The inter-Korean relations seemed to jump to extremes in an instant, but North Korea's armed provocation was suspended under the direction of Kim Jong-un.

Why did the North Korean government, which had continuously attacked the Korean government every day, changed its attitude in an instant?

What are they really aiming for?

What lessons should we learn and how to lead inter-Korean relations in the series?

TV CHOSUN'Exploration Report Seven' starts at 10 o'clock tonight.