'I'm alone asset' I bought a camper Lee Jang-woo.

2020-07-03 16:05:04

'I live alone' Jang Woo Lee became'Pro Camper'.

In the MBC'I Live Alone' (Plan Ahn Soo-young / Director Hwang Ji-young, Kim Ji-woo) broadcast this afternoon, Lee Jang-woo, who buys a camper, unfolds a camping life that stimulates the romance of men.

Jang Woo Lee appears in a natural visual that is 180 degrees different from that in the city, and starts camping on the beach with a familiar outfit and hairstyle.

Lee Jang-woo, who revealed his chime on the 3rd of camping, said, “It is the art that the sun sees in a camping car.” It appeals to the charm of the camper.

After becoming a perfect camper, he skillfully installs chairs, awnings, and clothesline, and shows a skill full of pitting.

Even Jang-Woo Lee's'Morning Routine', which is specialized in fishing village life, is aroused by curiosity by showing off his perfectly assimilated nature.

He looks at the beach leisurely and soon finds himself in the shadow of the strongest.

He has been thinking for a long time, saying that he runs along the seashore, soaks up the space, gets into the sea water, and even digs natural mussels.

Jang Woo Lee is amazed at the cold water temperature, but is curious about his fishing life by adapting quickly with a natural mind and continuing a leisurely swim.

In particular, Jang Woo Lee challenges himself to cooking with natural mussels.

With his reputation as a ``flour chef,'' he raises expectations about what new dishes he will show off.

You can meet Lee Jang-woo's camper and his life-packed camping life at MBC'I Live Alone', which will be aired at 11:10 tonight.

Actor Lee Jang-woo was born in 1986 and is 35 years old.