'Dongchimi' Hwang Young-jin frequently contacted his wife... Attorney Oh Soo-jin's lawsuit divorce...

2020-07-03 16:45:04

Hwang Young-jin, the wife of Dongchi-mi, shows his wife from time to time... Attorney Soo-jin Oh, "The reason for divorce in court"

Lawyer Soo-Jin Oh said that the comedian Hwang Young-Jin was obsessed with contacting his wife from time to time.

In the MBN ‘Song-pull-show Dongchimi’ broadcast last week, comedian Hwang Young-jin revealed how she lived with her 10-year-old younger wife, Dasomi Kim, and son and daughter.

On this day, Hwang Young-jin showed a fertilization of his wife's ordinary clothes, and often showed a call to his wife.

“Dongchimi” performer Hamik Byung, a dermatologist, asked, “Why don’t you understand, your wife's dress is plain and plain?

“It's like a genetic,

My father had my mother wear something like hijab.

After seeing that, I think that my woman should do that.

In addition, Ham Ik-byeong said, “My wife is going out and eating, and it's been about 2 hours.

Personally, I would like to ask for a psychiatric consultation.

This is an obsession.

"It's very obsessive."

Then, Soo-Jin Oh, who appeared in'Dongchimi' on the day, explained that frequent contact between husband and wife is a reason for divorce.

Lawyer Su-jin Oh said, “It is a reason that frequently appears in divorce complaints.

It is said that it is the excessive interference and obsession of my husband.”

Young-jin Hwang is born in 1979 and is forty-two years old this year.

Lawyer Su-jin Oh was born in 1986 and is thirty-five years old this year.