'Mulberry School' Young-Woong Lim Young-Tak Lee Chan-Won Jang Min-Ho, Seol Un-do Kim Se-jeong and Senior Song Festival... Acting'Wind, Cloud and Rain' with Jeon Gwang-ryul Park Si-hoo

2020-07-03 18:05:06

'Mulberry School' Young-woong Lim, Young-tak, Chan-won Lee, and Min-ho Jang proved the No. 1 dignity in all channels of entertainment on Wednesdays for eight consecutive weeks with the'historical class-class class' that runs wherever there is a Paldo mulberry nationwide.

The 8th episode of TV CHOSUN'Mulberry School' broadcasted on the 1st recorded 13% of the nationwide ratings based on Nielsen Korea, and was the first channel in all channels of terrestrial, vertical, and cable integration since the first broadcast.

In addition, the highest viewership per minute soared to 14.6%, showing off the status of'Buldozer entertainment'.

On this day, the Trotman F4 burned a generous acting enthusiasm in the field of'wind, clouds and rain' with the skills of Myeong-yeon, who learned from Park Si-hoo and Jeon Kwang-ryul,'Yeon-based graduates', and became legendary singer Seol Un-do and Kim Se-jung as'Senior Song Festival'.

He made a big success as a'all-round cheat' that raises the highest peak.

Trotman F4 took Park Sihoo, Jeon Kwang-ryul and'School Mong Bus' and headed for the drama'Wind and Cloud and Rain'.

Jeon Kwang-ryol, who received a cream bread snack while on the move, reenacted'Leave the Legend's Cream Bread'.

Im Young-woong, who saw this, created'Cream Bread Milking', which calls for storage, saying that the'Woobaljang' inspiration comes to mind, and suddenly formed'Thigh Mate' Park Si-hoo and '2020 The Blue', calling'With You' and eyes and ears

It was strong.

In the warm atmosphere, Yeong-tak, who received the song'Go to Busan', which is the song of Jeon Kwang-ryul's inside, tinged the'School Mong Bus' with emotion and impressed Jeon Kwang-ryul.

Trotman F4 set foot on the'wind and cloud and rain' scene, and after crossing the door to Chosun after receiving costumes and makeup suitable for his role.

First of all, Yeong-tak and Jang Min-ho, who went out as bureaucrats 1 and 2, satisfied the director with perfect acting skills.

However, Lee Chan-won and Lim Young-woong, who played first and second roles in the common people, showed their smokers due to the tension, and Lee Chan-won, in particular, expressed his expression in the director's words that he was a total trouble.

In the end, there was a crisis that the ambassador almost passed over to Lim Young-woong, but Lee Chan-won gradually gained stability in the ability to communicate with the ambassador, and the'First Mulberry Awards' selected by the director and Park Si-hu returned to all of the Trotman F4s.

Lastly, the Trotman F4 presented a'Mulberry Truck' loaded with tea and drinks at the'Wind and Clouds and Rain' field, which gave precious experiences and memories, and'Lara La','Bird flying over the cuckoo's nest'

','About romance' and'Hwajang market' were presented deliciously and presented'Live in the Midsummer Night'.

In the next class, Trotman F4 started the'Sulundo hit song pre-learning' after confirming the senior who donated to the'Mulberry School'.

However, Jang Min-ho and Chan-won Lee, who met the'twist of love' and'sister' after hearing only '1 second', evoked the atmosphere of the classroom in the forest, and moved to the auditorium in the forest.

In addition, Seol Undo launched the'Senior Song Festival', which should light the five'Seniors' along with a number that says, "Have your own song for old age."

The first self-propelled self-proclaimed honorary student, Young-woong Lim, sang'Is this love?'

Lee Chan-won, who came to the stage after cheering for the cleansing, won the'four seats' with the criticism that it would shine like an emerald with a'purple postcard', saying that he would ride only'Sungun-do (Road Road)', a testament to Trot's history.

Subsequently, Jang Min-ho, who gathered the energy of the whole body and sent out an announcement saying that he would fly'Seonwoon-do Kwonbeop', went through the rhythm step with the song'Into Memories' and was evaluated as '4 senior, jade-like'.

In addition, Yeong-tak, who said to him that his music hometown was'Sulundo', took the top prize in'Senior Song Festival' by taking'five girls and women' in a breeze while thinking of his mother.

Accordingly, Young Tak formed the legendary new duo'Sul Woon Tak' along with Seol Undo, and duet the'I want to see my love', and decorated the prestigious art high school curriculum thought'Previous Mulberry'.

Meanwhile, singer Seol Un-do is born in 1958 and is now sixty-six years old.

Kim Se-jung was born in 1996 and is now twenty-five years old.

Actor Jeon Kwang-ryul was born in 1960 and is now 61 years old.

Actress Park Si-hu was born in 1977, so he is 44 years old this year.

TV CHOSUN'Mulberry School' is broadcast every Wednesday at 10pm.