Min Kyo Kim's companion dog Belgian Sheepdog Moon woman dies during treatment yesterday

2020-07-04 12:45:07

A woman bitten by Belgian Sheepdog, a companion dog raised by actor Kim Min-gyo, eventually died.

The Gwangju Police Station in Gyeonggi-do this morning revealed that eighty-eight women who were hospitalized by Kim Min-kyo's companion dog in May were killed during the early morning treatment on the 3rd.

The woman, who died, was bitten by two of Kim Min-kyo's companion dogs while being picked up in Gwangju, Gyeonggi-do on May 4, and was hospitalized.

Police have investigated the victims' survivors, etc., and plan to investigate the exact cause of death by autopsying the dead body.

If the causal relationship is found to be due to the bite of the dog through autopsy, the suspected negligence of death is likely to be applied to the owner Kim Min-gyo.

The police will soon call on Min Kyo Kim to investigate the accident.

A police official said, "It seems that it will be possible to cover up the exact charges against Mr. Min-gyo Kim if it is clear whether the death sign was caused by a dog bite accident."


The incident occurred on May 4th, and a woman who died in Gwangju, Gyeonggi-do, was bitten by two Belgian Sheepdog dogs by Kim Min-kyo.

At the time, the dogs were excited to see the elk without a neckline and muzzle, and jumped over the fence, but the attack was reported to be only for the eighteen women who were picking herbs from the garden.

At that time, she was taken to hospital after being seriously injured, including thighs and three arms.

After the accident, Kim Min-kyo said, "While my wife was thinking of finding a dog quickly, an accident occurred and my wife, who came to know the fact, immediately accompanied my grandmother and went to the emergency room.

The family members of the grandmother who cared for us were more concerned that they were concerned about us. We will take responsibility with each other until the treatment of grandmothers is completed.”

Meanwhile, Kim Min-gyo's companion dog was a large dog, a Belgian Sheepdog, weighing more than 20 kg, and was known as a shepherd dog.