The taste of wife Pil-mo Lee Soo-yeon Seo How was your son-raising experience?

2020-08-12 10:05:06

Amplify their age gap and job curiosity

“The Taste of a Wife” Pil-Mo Lee and Soo-Yeon Seo will unveil “24 Hours of the Extreme Child-Raising War,” which will deliver the strong taste of child-rearing.

In episode 110 of the TV CHOSUN entertainment program'A Wife's Taste' (hereinafter referred to as'wife's taste') to be broadcast on the 11th (Tuesday), the blood, sweat, and tears of Pil-Mo Lee, a child-raising daddy, begin with child-rearing and end with child-rearing.

It is expected to bring out a lot of sympathy from beginner parents by showing the spotted child-raising scene.

From the time of opening his eyes to closing, Lee Pil-mo continued his daily routine only with child-rearing and transformed into a “child-rearing bot”.

Early in the morning, Pil-Mo Lee began to raise children from sterilization to feeding food and burning the horse. Eventually, she burned her passion white and became nauseous and even collapsed, adding to her regret.

In particular, Pil-Mo Lee prepared water play for the mother and experienced the extreme child-rearing experience.

Lee Pil-mo, who was building a swimming pool to play in the water for Damho, who has a lot of fever, resembles herself, pumping and pouring water out of her breasts, becoming sweaty.

Damho's mini-pool was completed after the struggles of ‘parenting bot’ Lee Pil-mo, but while Damho was playing in the water, the house became ruined like a flood, making him laugh.

The next day, Pil-mo Lee and Soo-yeon Seo challenged the kids' hair salon for the first time in their lives in order to transform the style of the youngest chairman.

Moreover, even with the haircut, which is chosen as the best among extreme parenting, Dam-ho surprised the beauty staff with a gentle attitude without any frowns.

A kids beauty salon expert with 20 years of experience also fell in love with the beauty of Damho's storm and poured out praises.

Thanks to this, Dam-ho succeeded in making over from'Geun-eom Baby' to'Huclear Insa Baby' and transformed it into a more cute charm.

On the other hand, Lee Pil-mo, who was doing a great job as a parenting bot, perfectly mastered the housework and proved the first-class groom.

After a long time, the mood of Lee Pil-Mo, who has prepared a table that will make the relationship between the couple neglected by the pain due to parenting, has been struck in a long time.

While having a romantic meal that sang the second song in earnest, Pil-Mo Lee, who was full of ‘latte sensibilities’, summoned memories, and a generation gap talk unfolded, reminiscent of the age difference between 11 years old.

Inevitably, there is a growing curiosity whether a couple can have a happy meal time in a romantic atmosphere.

The production crew said, “The real parenting war and the cuteness of a successive class of mother-in-law are providing healing to viewers.

The pure laughter of the Dam family is expected to be filled with one image.

Please look forward to it.”

On the other hand, episode 110 of ‘The Taste of a Wife That Is Nowhere in the World’ will be aired at 10:00 PM on the 11th (Tue).

Meanwhile, Lee Pil-mo, whose career is an actor, was born in 1974, so she is 47 years old this year.

Soo-yeon Seo, who majored in interior design, is a lecturer. She was born in 1988, so she is 33 years old.

The age difference between Lee Pil-mo and Seo Soo-yeon is 14 years old.