PD notebook Triathlon player Jeon Mi-kyung, former manager Jang Yoon-jeong, can't stand abusive and extreme choices

2020-08-12 11:45:05

On August 11th, MBC's'PD Notebook', which airs this afternoon, will exclusively cover and disclose the exposure of the late Choi Sook-hyun's senior player and former Gyeongju City Hall team player Mi-kyung Jeon.

On June 26, Sook-Hyun Choi, a former national team player, passed away.

Choi Sook-Hyun, who was a member of the Gyeongju City Hall, suffered from constant violent and assault by coach Kim Gyu-bong, triathlon player Jang Yoon-jung, who was captain, and Ahn Joo-hyun, exercise prescription.

Currently, while the perpetrators are denying the charges and discussing the history of Choi Sook-hyun's psychiatric counseling, a report has arrived in the “PD notebook”.

Let's report that Choi Sook-hyun's resentment and resentment are released!

The “PD notebook” independently covered the shocking story that the informant Jeon Mi-kyung first revealed.

Informer Jeon Mi-kyung introduced himself as a triathlon athlete belonging to Gyeongju City Hall in 2015.

He said, “I also thought that if I did that, Sookhyun might not have done that,” he said, saying that he had suffered the bullying, abusive language, and assault that Choi Sook-hyun suffered five years ago.

Violent verbal abuse and assault were very commonplace, and he said that he forced “team play” to sacrifice team members for the record of the triathlon player Jang Yoon-jung, who had the best performance in the team at the time.

When he refused to sacrifice for Jang Yoon-jung, the violence of the manager and captain Jang Yoon-jung continued.

Coach Gyu-bong Kim and Yoon-jung Jang gathered junior players and held a so-called “witch trial” that publicly criticized the informant for eight hours.

Jeon Mi-kyung could not stand the violent words and violence of the coach and Jang Yoon-jung and tried to make an extreme choice.

The informant showed the production crew of the ‘PD Notebook’ dozens of transcripts and journals that contained the events of the Gyeongju City Hall team.

After confirming the content, the production team was shocked to see that the scene of violence was intact within the team.

Five years ago and even now, the “PD notebook” accuses Gyeongju City Hall of the triathlon team, who dragged the player to the threshold of death without any change.

Maybe it was predicted.

As a result of the ‘PD Notebook’ coverage, it was revealed that there were already players who quit in 2015 because they couldn't beat snack food advisors and cola food advisors.

The late Sook-Hyun Choi also suffered indiscriminate verbal abuse and violence just because he ate a peach while controlling his weight.

Choi Sook-hyun moved to Busan City Hall earlier this year to escape from the pain, but five months later, he took his own life.

What was the reason for making an extreme choice even though we were free from the perpetrators of the Gyeongju City Hall team?

Choi Sook-Hyun's father said in an interview with the'PD notebook', "Kim Kyu-bong and Jang Yoon-jung are evil, but the related organizations are the most resentful."

During his lifetime, Sook-Hyun Choi requested a helping hand from Gyeongju City, Korea Triathlon Association, National Human Rights Commission, Korea Sports Association, and five prosecutors and police agencies, but none of them listened to Choi Sook-Hyun's voice.

The production crew went directly to related organizations and asked them, and the more they reported, the more they could confirm their absurd and irresponsible attitude.

Who killed Choi Sook-hyun?

You can check it in MBC's'PD Notebook', which airs today (11th) at 10:50 pm.