Special Featured Musical Actors Showcased with'Call Center of Love' members, Kim Junsu, Chae Yeon Cha, Ji Min Hong, Hong Seok Kang, Luna, and Inseon Shin

2020-09-10 15:05:04

Special Featured Musical Actors Showcased with'Call Center of Love' members, Kim Junsu, Chae Yeon Cha, Ji Min Hong, Hong Seok Kang, Luna, and Inseon Shin

Lim Young-woong and Kim Joon-soo are reunited after half a year as'Mr. Trot' Jin and'Best Musical Actor', not'Mr. Trot' participant-master relationship.

On the TV CHOSUN'Call Center of Love', which will be broadcast on the 10th, musical actors Kim Jun-su, Chae Yeon Cha (1982 birth age), Hong Ji-min (1973 birth age), Kang Hong-seok (1986 birth age), Luna (real name Park Sun-young age birth 1993),

It contains a'musical actor special' in which Shin In-sun (born 1991) has a full-fledged sortie and a 1-on-1 death match with TOP6.

In particular, it is expected that a variety of attractions will be prepared, such as a special'big match of all-times' where Lim Young-woong and Kim Jun-soo face each other, and a duet stage full of Korean sensibility by Jang Min-ho and Chae-yeon Chae.

Above all, only six months ago, Lim Young-woong and Kim Jun-soo, who met as'Mr. Trot' participants and masters, both foreshadow and intrigue a fateful clash with their top positions in the genre.

Kim Junsu (born in 1987) expressed his trumpy determination, "I don't have the heart to look at it. I will play a true sword in the same position." In response, Yeongwoong Lim also said, "I am the pride of TOP6. I will do my best" with confidence.

He revealed and fought a tight fight.

However, Lim Young-woong gave Kim Joon-soo a tense appearance, saying, "Because the master is next to you, it feels like we are contesting."

Then, the two each selected the song they could do best, and engaged in a big match that no one could predict the outcome.

As expected, there are growing questions about who will take the victory of the'Fireworks Deathmatch' of the two who made both Lim and Kim Junsu breathless.

In particular, the stage of the extreme duet, which will remain a long way in the history of'Call Center of Love', is also drawing attention.

Jang Min-ho, who created the legend stage with the last time'Sugly Bald Head', and Chae Yeon Chae's unique collaboration stage that showed explosive singing skills and Korean han in the musical'Seopyeonje' were made.

The two people, who exploded synergy with Korean voices, created a stage of emotion, which is like a movie, which vomits like a scream, raising the atmosphere of the scene.

On the other hand, TOP6 and Musical 6 thrilled those who watched with a close match with only one point.

It wasn't over until the end, but one after another with unpredictable results.

In the one-on-one deathmatch that makes you sweat in your hand, which wrote a more drama than any other drama, attention is focused on which team will win the final championship.

The production crew of'Call Center of Love' said, "The confrontation between TOP6 and Musical 6 was an ultra-thin match than any other stage so far." "Top 6 and Musical 6, which gave a variety of excitement to thrilling emotions.

Please look forward to the stage of the show."

Broadcast at 10 pm today.