Poppin Hyun-jun's mother, for what reason did she go home?...

2020-09-12 14:05:04

The moment when Poppin Hyun-joon's daughter, Art Yi, nagged Hyun-joon to be good to his grandmother, in KBS2's'Salim Man Season 2'(hereinafter'Salim Nam 2') broadcasted on Saturday, the highest of 10.4% (Nielsen Korea, national standard).

Recorded ratings.

In the broadcast that day, the story of Poppin Hyun-jun's mother exploding and running away from her son's nagging was drawn.

Hyun-joon, who was hanging the laundry with her mother, saw that her white clothes had pink water, and said, "My mother did the wrong laundry."

After seeing the leftovers piled up in the refrigerator, Hyun-joon nagged him, saying, "Please clean up," and his mother, who exploded at Hyun-joon's continuing interference with the household, packed his luggage and left the house.

After driving out of the car, the mother summoned her friends and declared that she would not enter the house, expressing her feelings of upset.

My mother and friends headed to the pension, and they had a good time playing in the water in the pool with a bright expression as if they had returned to their school days.

After playing in the water, the conversation continued while eating deliciously with a barbecue.

The mother and friends poured out complaints about their indifferent children, but immediately said, "It's pretty to see," expressing unchanging love and smiling.

The theme continued with the Leeds days, and bright laughter blossomed on the faces of the party who recalled the past.

At that time, Hyun-jun was preparing dinner for his daughter Art-ee.

However, Hyun-jun hit the wall from the menu.

Arti asked for the mackerel that Hyun-jun discarded while cleaning the refrigerator, and wanted a yolk bibimbap that Hyun-jun could not do.

Hyun Joon tried to call her mother for help, but her mother did not answer the phone.

Arti, who was watching the appearance, continued nagging, saying, "It's bad to make your grandmother angry," and said, "You can't do that now."

Poppin Hyun-joon, who saw herself in her daughter Arti, realized her mother's upset.

That night, Hyun-joon learned of the place where his mother was through the text of the card usage history, and went to the place with his wife Park Ae-ri.

Hyun-joon couple, who had tried to go with their mother, went out after asking their mother friends to ask for her mother because she looked happy.

Poppin Hyun-jun was born in 1979 and is currently 42 years old, and Poppin Hyun-jun's wife, Park Ae-ri, was born in 1977 and is currently 44 years old.

There is a difference between the age of 2 and my husband.

The two were married in 2010 and have a daughter.

“Salimnam 2”, a story of the star-starring family, is broadcast every Saturday at 9:15 p.m., which tells the story of an exciting family at times, and the truly young family members laugh and cry together while overcoming it.