Let's live with Park Won-sook Lee Hyo-chun, who has been younger than her age since she was young and was popular

2020-09-16 19:05:03

Lee Hyo-chun, an actor who ‘Let’s live with Park Won-sook’, revealed that he is popular with younger and younger people.

KBS2'Let's Live Together with Park Won-sook', broadcast on the 16th, shows how middle-aged female stars who live alone talk about the reality and retirement worries faced by the middle-aged generation without addition or subtraction, and share and comfort each other's wounds and worries.

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On this broadcast, a day with actors Lee Hyo-chun (born in 1950, 71 years old) and Lee Jung-hoon will be revealed following last week.

The members of the family who returned home after getting a lot of dinner directly from the sea.

When Lee Jung-hoon arrived at home, he moved without rest and started preparing dinner for his sisters.

While Lee Jung-hoon (born in 1963, age 58) was preparing dinner, the older sisters made unfinished garlic pickles in the morning according to the instructions of their eldest sister, Park Won-sook (born in 1949, age 72).

While making garlic pickles, the sisters poured out questions related to love to Lee Hyo-chun.

Lee Hyo-chun said, "Since I was young, I was more popular with younger people than older people," he said. "Younger men look at me cutely."

Regarding the age difference, he revealed a free love view, saying, "What does age matter?"

The situation where the youngest Kim Young-ran, who went to Seoul for filming, came from an arm injury.

The older sisters moved diligently for Kim Young-ran (born in 1956), who cannot use her arms.

Hye-eun (age 67, born in 1954) made the first move when needed while making garlic pickles.

In response, Kim Young-ran conveyed his feelings of regret to Hye-eun, saying, "I'm sorry that this is something I should do."

Even afterwards, Hye-eun showed that Kim Young-ran appeared only in the kitchen, saying, "What can I do?"

In addition, Moon-sook (age 67, born in 1954) helped Kim Young-ran cleansing when it was time to sleep.

Moon-sook, who watched Kim Young-ran washing her face with one hand from the side, conveyed sympathy and comfort to her brother's pain, recalling a knee fracture accident two years ago during the filming of the drama.

In an interview, Kim Young-ran expressed her gratitude for the older sisters who took care of them all day, saying, "My sisters worry and pat me like a family."

'Let's Live Together with Park Won-sook', a story of the Namhae sisters who have become more sticky than their blood-sharing family, will be broadcast on KBS2 at 10:45 pm on the 16th.