Will we be able to love again? 3 Hyun-woo, Ji-Yeon, who confessed the pain of divorce, makes infinite emotions

2020-09-16 20:05:04

Actor Ji-yeon Ji-yeon honestly confesses about her divorce and taps Hyun-woo's heart.

Actors Ji-yeon Ji-yeon and Hyun-woo confirm their feelings toward each other through a "terrace date" in the middle of the night in MBN's'Can We Love Again 3- An Unexpected Couple' (hereinafter referred to as'Udasa 3'), which is scheduled to broadcast twice on the 16th.

In the first episode, Joo Ji-yeon (38 years old born in 1983), who was invited to the house where the three generations of mother and daughter live, stays with her until late after the night of the night gate and becomes the official son-in-law.

Immediately after dinner, Hyun-woo (born in 1985, 36 years old) had time alone with Ji Ji-yeon's mother.

Joo Ji-yeon's mother said, "Two years ago, Joo-yeon suffered from a divorce." After taking her luck, she said, "If I only talk about her daughter, tears come out without my knowledge."

So Hyunwoo said to his mother, “You don’t have to worry too much, aren’t they two because one is insufficient?

I will do well.”

Late at night, Joo Ji-yeon and Hyun-woo sit down on the terrace.

Keeping in mind that her mother mentioned her divorce earlier, Joo Ji-yeon said, “There was a time when both I and my family were sick, so it was burdensome to see someone again.” “Do you mind my wounds?”


After taking a breath for a while, Hyunwoo gives an unexpected answer to infinitely impress Jo Ji-yeon.

Attention is drawn to Hyunwoo's answer, who made Ji-yeon smile wide.

The production crew said, “It will be an episode that shows off the sweet chemistry of Joo Ji-yeon, who frankly confessed her pain and announced a new beginning, and Hyun-woo’s sweet chemistry that naturally melted in front of the family they met for the first time.

The surprise skinship that makes them hot will also naturally lead to bombard the hearts of'Udasa enthusiasts'.”

'Udasa 3'will be broadcast twice at 11:00 pm on the 16th.