'The story of the day when you bite your tail on the tail' Jang Do-yeon, Jang Seong-gyu, Jang Hang-jun, reveals the hidden story of the day when you will laugh, cry, and anger

2020-09-17 14:05:04

Last June, the'Tale of the Day Biting the Tail on the Tail', which took the eyes of viewers by easily introducing events in memory that have important meanings in a conversation with a friend and re-examined the meaning of the events, is returning to a new season on the 17th.


A friend who can share meaningful stories in SBS''Tale of the day that bites the tail on the tail' (hereinafter referred to as'Kokkomu'), and a friend who easily and funly tells the story of'the day' that shook Korea.

The storyteller makes a comeback.

■ Three storytellers – Jangtrio comeback

Jang Do-yeon, Jang Seong-gyu, Jang Hang-jun, and Jang Hang-jun, who were reborn as pro storytellers through the SBS pilot project in June, will show an upgraded appearance this season.

Doyeon Jang, a brain girl in the gag world who showed tremendous enthusiasm for learning by splitting the schedule, ignited her will to study by baptizing questions again.

Jang Seong-gyu, an all-rounder who does not have a line beyond what can be seen, showed his prowess to tell the story with his unique wit and quickness.

Chungmuro's talk energizer film director Hang-Jun Jang showed special affection by presenting not only items but also composition ideas to the production crew.

This is the only point of'Kokomu' that even friends who are proud of the golden chemistry cannot miss.

Next to the storyteller, there is always a story friend who fits well.

'Kkokomu', returning to Season 1, includes a group of best friends of Jean Trio, from movie stars to top models, idol singers, sports stars, comedians, and announcers.

Story Friends went out for a drink without any prior information on the topic of the conversation, and they were constantly admiring the exciting stories, laughing, crying, and angry.

■ The story of the day in which the tail is connected to the water

The incident that shocked Korean society and the 10 stories carefully selected around the character visit the viewers.

Everyone has heard it at least once, but surprising stories that have never been revealed that no one knows about are unveiled one by one.

With the three storytellers, we listen to the hidden story of the day when we will laugh, cry, and anger with three storytellers.

The first story of'the story of the day when the tail is bitten' will be released on Thursday, September 17 at 10:35 pm.