Lee Ji-hoon, Kim Sun-kyung Hyun-woo, Ji Joo-yeon Tak Jae-hoon, Oh Hyun-kyung Kim Yong-gun, Hwang Shin-hye couple'Udasa 3'

2020-09-25 13:45:03

MBN's'Can We Love Again 3- An Unexpected Couple' (hereinafter referred to as'Udasa 3') showed off the romance of the four couples and made a hot response.

In episode 3 of ‘Udasa’, which aired on Wednesday, four couples: Kim Yong-gun, Hwang Shin-hye, Tak Jae-hoon, Oh Hyun-kyung, Lee Ji-hoon, Kim Sun-kyung, Hyun-woo, and Ji Joo-yeon began their own ‘one house life’ in earnest, and gradually built up a romance narrative.

The couple Lee Ji-hoon and Kim Sun-kyung left for Hadong, Gyeongnam and entered the countryside for a month.

The night before leaving, Lee Ji-hoon (42 years old, born in 1979) could not hide his excitement while packing clothes with his eight nephews, and Kim Sun-kyung prepared side dishes tailored to Lee Ji-hoon's taste.

Immediately after arriving at the old hanok, those who admired the scenery of Hadong by sharing a “back hug” soon unpacked their luggage, and Lee Ji-hoon surprised Kim Seon-kyung (53 years old, born in 1968) by colonizing the bones as a “surprise gift”.

"I want to supplement my sister's energy," said Kim Seon-gyeong with a big smile at Lee Ji-hoon's appearance, who began to boil the bones after removing the blood.

Afterwards, the two prepared dinner while shopping at a traditional market with their shoulders together, making them look forward to the “hot first night” next week.

Hyun-woo (age 36, born in 1985) was surprised by the recommendation of his grandmother Jo Ji-yeon (38 years old, born in 1983), who said, “Go to bed”.

After having breakfast, Hyun-woo said, “The romance of men,” and continued on a date at the tool store, making Jo Ji-yeon confused.

It turned out that it was a plan to repair the house of Joo Ji-yeon, who is 50 years old.

After returning to Joo Ji-yeon's house, Hyun-woo showed off his unique charm by not only changing the lit lamp but also disassembling the air conditioner and cleaning it thoroughly.

In addition, by giving each other the nicknames “shareholders” and “nunus”, the people who got closer together shared exciting memories by playing the tapes of singers in the 1990s after fixing the broken cassette tape, which is the “final mission”.

Tak Jae-hoon and Oh Hyun-gyeong robbed the gaze of “uninvited guests” actor Kim Soo-ro as they stood up the next day after a dinner.

Oh Hyun-kyung (age 51, born in 1970) served seaweed soup and grilled galchi for breakfast. “I don’t eat well when I’m alone.” To Tak Jae-hoon (53 years old, born in 1968) admiring the taste, “What kind of person is a person?

It is important whether to meet the chemistry.”

After leaving for a full-fledged expedition with Kim Soo-ro, they headed to “Gumorum” in Jeju for their first course.

Kim Soo-ro, the first guest who said, “I hate climbing the most,” was unable to connect to the wonderful sight when arriving at Geumorum, while Tak Jae-hoon and Oh Hyeon-kyung said, “I will give you 5 minutes of free tour time, but I want to be with only two, but Kim Soo-ro comes together and regrets.”

'Temperature difference' caused laughter.

Kim Yong-gun and Hwang Shin-hye, who started their first camping car trip, had a beautiful first night.

Hwang Shin-hye (born in 1963, 58 years old) simmered sweet pumpkin crab soup, and the two shared a deep story and focused on each other.

Kim Yong-gun (75 years old, born in 1946) and said, “I remember my mother who died early because I ate good food.”

After Hwang Shin-hye's sincere conversation, "I feel good inside," the two fell asleep together in the camping car.

The next day, the two people who became more intimate called each other with the nicknames “Our Shin-hye” and “Our case is an older brother”, and after walking around the ranch for a sweet date, we headed for the next tour course.

It was one episode that started each “couple 1 night” and raised a sense of immersion with a different dimension of reality.

Furthermore, cast members such as Hwang Shin-hye, Oh Hyun-gyeong, Lee Ji-hoon, and Hyun-woo focused their attention by appealing their charms with their own'special moves' or'events'.