F4 with Yoobin, Soyu, Yooah, and Hong Hyun-hee, delivered to the home theater with'Gender Engineering Fall Outing Class'

2020-09-25 14:05:07

Young-woong Lim, Chan-won Lee, Chan-won, and Yoobin, Soyou, Yoo, and Hong Hyun-hee of'Pongsunga Academy' delivered the excitement to the home theater through the'Gender Engineering Fall Outing Class'.

The 20th episode of TV Chosun's'Pongsungah Hakdang', which aired on the 23rd, won the first place in the same time zone in total terrestrial broadcasts with 11.4% of the nationwide viewer rating based on Nielsen Korea.

Trotman F4 in the broadcast on this day decided the final winner of the fall sports event, and went on a fall picnic with the female idol seniors who were performing arts masters to blow away the hot summer and set out to a fall full of entertainment.

Lee Chan-won, Kim Hee-jae, Young-tak Ryu Ji-gwang, and Na Tae-ju, Ryu In-seon, reached the quarter-finals in the last match of the '1st Trot Athletics Championships' in Ssireum.

As an unexpected close match unfolded, Kim Hee-jae and Shin In-seon met in the semi-finals, and Kim Hee-jae, who won through this game, played the final with Ryu Ji-gwang, who rose to the bye, and Ryu Ji-gwang took the winner of the ‘Wrestling’ match.

Accordingly, two gold medals were awarded to the toll gate team of Lim Young-woong-Ryu Ji-gwang-Shin In-seon, and the toll gate team won the golden laurel crown at the 1st'Trot Athletics Championships'.

Next, Trotman F4, who went on an autumn picnic, couldn't hide his joy at the news that the co-ed wish that Jang Min-ho had wished would come true.

At this time, as the red carpet was laid, successful female seniors, Yoo Bin-owned Yoo and Hong Hyun-hee, appeared and colored the picnic area brightly.

Next, through mini-games such as limbo games and palm swipes suggested by seniors, Lim Young-woong (1991 birth age 30)-Soyou, Young-tak (real name Park Young-tak 1983 birth age 38)-Yoobin, Lee Chan-won (1996 birth age 25)

-Yoo-ah, Jang Min-ho (44 years old, born in 1977)-Hong Hyun-hee was paired, and Lim Young-woong sings Lee Moon-se's'You and Forever' to keep this moment forever, and the coed autumn excursion began in earnest.

Trotman F4 and the female seniors had a meaningful conversation with their partners, and after eating lunch boxes, they entered the quiz that only the'Pongsungahhakdang' can do.

The first problem that took 10 points was Young-Tak-Yubin (real name Kim Yu-bin, 33 years old born in 1988), hitting Yun Soo-il's'Apartment', and the second was Young-woong Lim-Soyou (real name Kang Ji-hyun, 29 years old born in 1992).

Received the hint of Hyeon-hee Hong, and showed off her singing skills by hitting Cool's'love'.

Next, Lee Chan-won and Yoo-ah (real name Yu-Sia, born in 1995, age 26), succeeded in playing Park Joo-hee's ‘Jae-ya’ with one shot, and gained first place with Zico’s ‘Any Song’ with Lim Young-woong-Soyou scored 15 points.

In particular, the game seemed to be turned upside down when Lee Chan-won and Yoo-ah hit Chae-yeon's ‘two of them’ with 60 points, but in the last quiz, a 1500-point question that any team could win first was questioned.

Although the exact pronunciation of the song title emerged as the key to the game, confusion was aggravated, but Chan-won Lee and Chan-Won Lee, ‘Battery of Love’ clearly shouted ‘Battery of Love’ to win the ‘Clap Flute Music Quiz’.

Afterwards, Trotman F4 and the female seniors went on to find the treasure of the'Pongsungahhakdang' hidden in the abandoned building, Mike, and greeted the'Boldness Training to Find Pongmul'.

With a terrifying penalty awaiting the team that was in the bottom, Lee Chan-won and Yoo-ah, who started as the first runners, changed their minds with the microphone and recorded 8 minutes and 50 seconds, while Young-woong Lim and So-you screamed loudly in 7 minutes and 43 seconds.

I reached the destination.

Jang Min-ho-Hong Hyun-hee showed a sense of asking the ghosts for directions, followed by Jang Min-ho's outstanding performance, who overturned the scared Hong Hyun-hee, and reached 6 minutes 18 seconds.

I grabbed my stomach.

Lastly, a reversal took place ahead of the announcement of the last team of'Finding Pongmul Bravery Training' to perform the penalty.

According to the time record, Lee Chan-won and Yoo-ah should be penalized, but Lim Young-woong and Soyu were chosen as the last team because they did not perform the mission to visit Mike.

In the end, Lim Young-woong and Soo-Yoo ended an unusual autumn picnic with a ‘Abandoned Building Concert,’ singing ‘The Man and the Woman’ surrounded by ghosts.