'The boss' ears are donkey ears' Hyun Joo-yeop Park Gwang-jae, a giant sandwich challenge from morning

2020-10-11 17:45:04

Hyun Joo-yeop and Park Gwang-jae challenge the 1m 20cm giant sandwich.

On the 11th broadcast of KBS 2TV's entertainment show, ``The boss's ears are donkey ears'' (hereinafter referred to as ``donkey ears'') (directed by Lee Chang-soo), the scene of breakfast of Hyun Joo-yeop and Park Gwang-jae, who was also surprised by Ssireum legend director Kim Ki-tae, is drawn.

On this day, Hyeon Joo-yeop and Park Gwang-jae visited a sandwich specialty store from early in the morning to shoot'Jjuyop TV'.

The two ordered a sandwich of 60cm each and a total of 1m 20cm, while the cast surprised the cast, while Joo-yeop Hyun (born in 1975, 46 years old) ordered a ``pure meat sandwich'' to double everything except vegetables.

He showed off the dignity of'rubber'.

In particular, unlike Hyun Joo-yeop, which shows a neat way of eating that is pushed into the mouth, Park Gwang-jae announced the birth of'Bulky' with an unstoppable eating method reminiscent of the'Golbangi Show' by Director Chi-seung Yang.

Together, the two shots of 4m giant brothers Hyun Joo-yeop and Park Gwang-jae are raising expectations.

On the other hand, Park Gwang-jae, who pushed out'Captain America' and ranked first in real-time search terms, attracted attention by appearing in top-star-class clothes from sunglasses to white jackets.

After meeting with Hyun Joo-yeop, Kim Ki-tae, a wrestling legend who saw Park Gwang-jae, who increased by 6 kg in a month, became even more massive, said, "What is he doing?"

In the midst of this, Park Gwang-jae, who is called by the anti-war nickname of ``petit slag,'' unlike the huge size, is raising questions about what the hell will be because he has released a mysterious newspaper that instantly turns the atmosphere into a club from a cute ``petit item''.

Hyun Joo-yeop-pyo's special double sandwich and Park Gwang-jae's reversal charm can be found on KBS 2TV'The boss's ears are donkey ears' at 5 pm on Sunday.