Heo Yun-jung "I originally refused to appear on Star Documentary My Way"

2020-10-12 18:45:03

It contains the story of actor Heo Yoon-jung (born in 1966, 55 years old), who was counted as one of the three most beautiful stars along with Kim Hee-ae and Hwang Shin-hye in the TV Chosun “Star Documentary My Way” in the 1980s.

It is revealed that he is active on stage and on campus with constant passion for acting.

In 1983, Heo Yun-jung, who took the MBC Public Talent Test as a high school student and confidently passed the 17th'Senior', made a public eye stamp with the drama'Samsae Grass' and'First Love'.

Since then, he won the Baeksang Arts Awards Rookie of the Year and MBC Rookie of the Year Award, and was recognized for his acting skills.

Heo Yun-jung, who had a reputation for being a teen star with her beautiful appearance and acting ability, has already entered the ranks of'flower middle-aged'.

Heo Yun-jung, who enjoyed a confident single life and performed her old acting on TV and theater stages, is now known as'Professor Huh Yun-jung' and is having a busy day.

She started her studies with a longing for acting and earned her doctorate, and she became a'veteran' university professor who has passed ten years.

Heo Yun-jung said, "I didn't think I had to become a professor, but when I saw the children's visions, dreams, and how these things change depending on how they treat students, I felt I had to do it with a great sense of mission."

"Now I feel like a professor as well," he expressed his feelings.

We follow the figure standing at the podium as Professor Heo Yoon-jung, not actor Heo Yoon-jung.

Heo Yoon-jung then went to Tongyeong, Gyeongnam to attend the theater festival, and meets with his best friend Park Won-sook (72 years old, born in 1949) living in the nearby Namhae.

Park Won-sook made a friendship with the drama'Three Family with One Roof' and Heo Yoon-jung with the drama'First Love', using one dressing room.

At the meeting with Park Won-sook, Heo Yoon-jung confessed his inner heart, saying, "I (originally) refused to appear on the “Star Documentary My Way” broadcast, raising questions.

The story of her tearful and difficult confession and warm advice from Marriage senior and life senior Park Won-sook to Heo Yoon-jung are also released.

Heo Yoon-jung's true story as an actor, professor, and woman can be seen in “Star Documentary My Way,” which airs at 10 pm today (12th).