Gwak Jin-young and Jo Hana appear in Hampyeong, Jeollanam-do, the filming location of Burning Youth... New friend's visual surprise

2020-10-13 19:45:04

The identity of the “new friend” who appeared in a cast for the first time in SBS’s “Burning Youth (Uncertain)” is revealed.

This time, the young people went on an autumn trip to the filming location'Hampyeong, Jeollanam-do'.

Kwak Jin-young (51 years old, born in 1970), who arrived first, showed off a new atmosphere with her transformed hair and gorgeous styling.

Gwak Jin-young has been shining on his face after a long time since his last trip to Yangpyeong, but the young people got to know Jin-young at once.

On this day, a new friend who arrived at Hampyeong's famous flower bowl park appeared wearing an arm cast and surprised everyone.

The new friend revealed that he had been hospitalized until recently due to a shoulder injury, and that he made an appearance in a cast to meet the youth.

The new friend then conducted a non-face-to-face (?) interview with Kwak Jin-young, who was selected as the pickup group, and Kwak Jin-young said that after confirming the identity of the new friend, he was surprised by the Hollywood visual.

The new friend I met with the youth quickly adapted to the free-spirited atmosphere of “Burning Youth” and readily responded to the youth's request for an instant dance.

As a result, the youth provided passionate acappella accompaniment in the field.

In addition, the new friend drew attention by performing a fatal couple dance with Kwak Jin-young.

However, it is said that it was difficult to deal with Kwak Jin-young, and it was a back door that he hit a line.

On the other hand, on this day, the production crew of'Burning Youth' also revealed to the young people the surprise behind their coming to'Hampyeong'.

It turns out that this filming site was invited thanks to Hana Jo (born in 1972, age 49), who had a relationship with Hampyeong County.

As a result, the youth could not hide their surprise at the golden connection of the “daughter of Jeolla-do” that continued from Mokpo-seo.

Hana Jo delivered a thank-you call to the Gunman, and the Hampyeong Gunman directly visited the filming site to give a special gift with the officials.

Young people were surprised at their surprise visits, but felt warm hospitality and gave a small reward (?).

The identity of a new friend of Hollywood visual appearing in a cast will be revealed on SBS'Burning Youth' at 11:10 pm on Tuesday the 13th.