Ham Ik-byung reveals the reason why her mother nagged her more than her mother-in-law

2020-10-14 15:45:03

A scene was revealed when a dermatologist Ik-Byeong Ham visited his mother's house with his wife, Mi-hyeong Kang, asking about the reason for opposing her marriage in the past.

In the recently aired MBN entertainment program'Sockpuli Show Dongchimi', we talked with the theme of'If you raise your son well, only your daughter-in-law will benefit?'

On the broadcast that day, Director Ham Ik-byung (born in 1961, age 60) and his wife (wife) Kang Mi-hyung of the same age visited the house of Director Ham’s mother and ate together with the side dishes his wife had made at home.

Then, these hats went out and talked at the cafe.

Director Ham is living well now and asked why he opposed marriage to his wife.

The mother said, "It's okay now, but I didn't want to do it because I didn't know what was going on at the time."

In response, Director Ham said, "There is nothing that can be done so loudly (at the wife's house) except to help with living expenses," and the mother expressed her mother's unavoidable heart, saying, "It is greedy for parents."

Then, in an interview with the public production crew, Director Ham's mother said, "Is there anything you care about studying (my wife's son)? Is there anything you care about studying, or have you paid for money, or did you study without sleeping? There was nothing elaborate, but I picked it up for free, so I ate it for free.

"How good are you?"

Meanwhile, Director Ham was doubtful that his mother was contemplating his job.

He insisted, "It is true that my mom gave me the food and paid the tuition, but I did my studies. My mom did not make me a doctor."

In response, my mother said that she was sorry to say that, remembering the past when she had earned a living all night.

The mother said, "Mother is as hard as her son who studies."

Director Ham Ik-byung, who was watching the video in the studio, defended his position, saying, "It's not that you can't understand (mother's) feelings. It would be nice if you do better with me and have a difference between the wife and the wife, but then will the marriage be smooth?"

At the same time, he said that he tried to do the same to his mother and mother-in-law somehow, and that even if something happened to send good meat, he shared the same class.

He then revealed that he was thinking more about his mother in his heart.

He confessed, "Basically, my mother-in-law is a man, and my mother is my family. That's why I'm making (to my mother) even more nagging."

Meanwhile, Ham Ik-byeong's wife, Kang Mi-hyung, was a teacher and was known to have worked in the hospital of Director Ham.