'You Quiz' is the youngest to pass the 7th grade civil servant Kim Gyu-hyun, the secret to memorizing, public official interview cheat key, etc. Passing memo vividly delivered

2020-10-14 18:45:03

On tvN's'You Quiz on the Block', a civil servant goes on a human journey with them.

In episode 76 of'You Quiz on the Block', which airs at 8:50 pm on the 14th, a special feature of'Public Officials' will be held.

Meteorological Office forecaster, uninhabited island lighthouse keeper, Busan Headquarters Customs inspector, the youngest grade 7 civil servant, and late 9th grade civil servant appear as a Uquisor and share stories about the work and life of public servants.

Meteorological Office forecaster Park Jeong-min tells an interesting weather story.

Unlike the misconception that all public servants go to work on time and leave work on time, he solves all the questions of weather forecasting that overtime is a daily routine.

We also talk about the controversy about the failure to predict the weather by the Meteorological Agency.

Regarding the joke that it rains even on the day of the Meteorological Administration's athletic meet, a 20-year veteran Ja-nim is planning to clarify various stigma surrounding the Meteorological Administration, saying, "The current weather forecast is more than 90% accurate."

The daily life of the route sign manager Lee Je-gil, who protects Dokdo Island's'Rulerless Non Islands' in the West Sea, also attracts attention.

He, who manages lighthouse management and unmanned beacon facilities on the violent non-island island, reveals the survival period of the uninhabited island that we did not know about, such as the introduction of the violent non-island island, working environment, and unexpected emergency.

In addition, the squeezed episode on an island where no one lives is raising the curiosity as a balance game has been announced for living as a uninhabited lighthouse keeper Park Bo-gum and Jo Se-ho.

Investigator Kim Cheol-min, the customs officer at Busan Headquarters, who is at war on smuggling on the 365 days, introduces a movie-like chase.

Starting with the story behind the breathtaking chase, and releasing large and small smuggling cases.

With his charismatic eyes, he showed a sense of duty to eradicate smuggling and protect the customs border, and he said he showed off his anti-war charm by showing a pleasant vocal mimic.

Gyu-Hyun Kim, the youngest admitted to a 7th-level civil servant at the age of 20, adds fun with an honest talk.

He, who works at the Seoul Museum of Art Collection Research Department, vividly conveys the passing memo of the youngest passer of the 7th grade, from the moment when he was prepared for civil servants, the secret to memorizing his pass, and cheating on an interview for public officials.

In addition, it is said that he continued to snipe the navels of the two of them, leaving a laughable story of having to break the savings money after hiring a public official, as well as a quote that made the knees smack about the strengths and weaknesses of the public officials.

The passionate talk with Kim Chan-seok, who has transformed from a newspaper director to a new 9-level public servant, also follows.

It is said that the youngest of a 9th-level civil servant, No. 0, and the remaining time until retirement from retirement is only one year, but the busy day of a 9th-level civil servant who is the best in age rank is revealed.

The story of a newcomer who prefers face-to-face communication instead of messenger communication is said to be a real-life version of his movie'Intern'.

PD Kim Min-suk, who was in charge of directing, said, "In Episode 76, we meet civil servants in various fields who work day and night for the Republic of Korea. We will be able to understand and get to know them a little more by talking about their karma and life."

He said.

tvN'U Quiz on the Block' airs every Wednesday at 8:50 pm.