What kind of feelings did Tak Jae-hoon and Oh Hyun-kyung reveal to the question of'Udasa 3'Kim Yong-gun and Hwang Shin-hye?

2020-10-14 19:05:04

Tak Jae-hoon (born in 1968, age 53) and Oh Hyun-gyeong (born in 1970, age 51) have a'double date' with the couple Kim Yong-gun and Hwang Shin-hye, and they bring out their honest feelings toward each other.

The two suddenly went to Tokyo in Jeju in episode 5 of MBN'Can We Love Again 3- An Unexpected Couple' (hereinafter'Udasa 3') broadcast at 11 pm on the 14th (today), Kim Yong-gun (born in 1946, age 75

Years old)-Hwang Shin-hye (58 years old born in 1963) shows sending SOS to a couple.

Earlier, the couple of Otak opened a'Otak Travel Agency' in Jeju Island and went on business with excitement, but the business is suspended.

Suddenly, there was an incident that became the center of social media and online news, and every step of the way became the subject of interest.

It's'OBI Rak', but unfortunately, the two met for the first time after the incident.

In an awkward current, Oh Hyun-kyung calls the Kim Yong-gun and Hwang Shin-hye couple.

Kim Yong-gun and Hwang Shin-hye were preparing for a dinner with a camper in Daecheon on the west coast, but reluctantly accepts the couple's urgent request, "Can I join?"

The four people in the sea off Daecheon have dinner together.

Here, Kim Yong-gun confesses, "I have been acting as an actor for more than 50 years, but I have never met (Hwang) Shin-hye in the work. So it seems like a more special relationship."

Hwang Shin-hye confronted him with "It's really good to be with Yong-Geon's brother," but suddenly, "How are you?" and handed the ball to Jae-hoon and Oh Hyun-kyung.

Tak Jae-hoon and Oh Hyun-gyeong cause a'pupil earthquake' in an unprecedented interrogation (?) atmosphere.

Interest is focused on what kind of feelings the two might have revealed toward each other.

In addition to the story of the couple's reunion, Kim Sun-kyung and Ji-Hoon Ji-hoon's simple country life, who started'a month old' in Hadong, and the couple Hyun-woo and Ji Joo-yeon, who challenged the'natural life' in remote areas, are prepared for a camping date.

MBN'Can We Love Again 3- An Unexpected Couple' episode 5 will air at 11 pm on the 14th (today).