ICONTACT Funeral Master Yoo Jae-cheol Funeral director Some people die in a completely unexpected state.

2020-10-14 20:05:04

Yoo Jae-cheol, a Korean traditional funeral master, who has been working as a funeral director for 27 years, appeared in Channel A's new concept of silent entertainment, “Icon Tact,” and said, “It is like a customer who can come anytime” about'death', which is easy to live and ignore.

In Channel A's'Icon Tact', which airs on the 14th, the funeral director Yoo Jae-cheol, who is called the'President's Salt Farm', appears as an eye contact applicant.

He studied the bodies of the deceased former presidents, starting with former President Gyu-ha Choi in 2006, to President Roh Moo-hyun and Kim Young-sam.

In addition, when President Kim Dae-jung passed away, he oversaw the bureau chief as a funeral master.

'Salt' is the process of washing the body, putting on a shroud, and even entering the office. For this reason, the funeral director is called the'person who gives the world the last bath.'

Funeral director Yoo Jae-cheol, who has had more than 3,000 deaths together so far, cited the funeral of a Buddhist monk in 2010 as'the most memorable funeral.'

It seemed like a thread.”

Undertaker Yoo Jae-cheol, who faced numerous deaths, said, “Death is like a guest who can come today to anyone.

Also, “I think it would be better to arrange in advance how to do the last minute,” he said. “If I asked this person for my last minute, I didn’t think I would be worried, so I invited him.”

The site of a meaningful eye contact of undertaker Yoo Jae-cheol, the “President's Salt Farm” will be unveiled at 9:20 pm on Wednesday, October 14 on Channel A'Icon Tact'.