Meet'Baek Jong-won's Alley Restaurant''Sangdo-dong Alley in Dongjak-gu''Jancat Sukjip''Dak Tteokbokki''Hawaiian Rice Ball Restaurant'

2020-10-14 20:45:04

The 27th alley'Sangdo-dong Alley in Dongjak-gu' will be unveiled for the first time in SBS'Baek Jong-won's Alley Restaurant', which is broadcast today (14th).

'Sangdo-dong, Dongjak-gu,' located near Chung-Ang University and Soongsil University, has long since developed into a one-room village and has become a dead commercial district despite being a university district.

In addition, it is called a'passing alley' even though it is a station area due to its low commercial function ratio.

MC Kim Seong-joo from Chung-Ang University showed a special affection for the alley by giving an unprecedented passionate explanation to Baek Jong-won, "I hope it goes well".

The first restaurant is'Banchi-guksu-jip' that reopened with the same menu in the place of a ruined noodle restaurant.

3MC, who heard that it was a place where real estate was also dried, was wondering, saying, "It is rarely done in real estate."

On the other hand, the boss, who showed confidence in his noodles, saying, "My noodles are 99 points," actually skillfully made a banquet noodles, raising praise from 2MC.

However, Baek Jong-won, who started the tasting, said, "99 points are correct, but the perfect score is not 100 points" and "I feel a little bad", making the boss nervous.

The second shop is'Dak Tteokbokki House' with an unfamiliar name.

3MC expressed curiosity by guessing what kind of food it would be on an unfamiliar menu that was first heard.

Afterwards, after tasting chicken tteokbokki, Baek Jong-won showed only laughing all the time, making 2MC annoying.

Following that, Baek Jong-won evaluated the chicken tteok-bokki as "will be cursed, addicted, or disliked", and confirmed the preference for chicken tteok-bokki by conducting an on-site voting for the first time in'Baek Jong-won's Alley Restaurant'.

The last is a'Hawaiian rice ball restaurant' with a unique history of running a store in the same place for the third generation.

The couple's boss, who changed the hardware store from his grandfather to the restaurant business four years ago, was facing a crisis of closing out of business after 50 years due to falling sales recently.

Baek Jong-won, who entered the store to meet them, pointed out the obvious problems before placing orders.

I couldn't hide my absurdity in the excuses that followed.

In the end, Baek Jong-won expressed a frustrated feeling, saying, "Do you really do business like this?"

The'Sangdo-dong Alley in Dongjak-gu', which is not serious from the first meeting, will be unveiled at'Baek Jong-won's Alley Restaurant, which airs at 10:35 tonight.