'Radio Star' Park Hwi-soon, what is the age of the bride to be married?

2020-10-14 21:05:05

Comedian Park Hwi-soon (44 years old, born in 1977) confesses a love story full of excitement from meeting with a bride-to-be.

Above all, the age of the bride-to-be, who has not yet been disclosed, is arousing curiosity by saying, "I'm younger than Loco."

Eden, who sorties out as a special MC, shows off her love for humanity (?) with a kiss performance from her appearance, and raises her curiosity because she plans to reveal the reason she is constantly being scolded by her lover, Hyuna.

MBC entertainment'Radio Star (Ras)' scheduled to air at 10:40 pm on Wednesday the 14th will be decorated with a special feature of'The Secret of the Hip-Ro Soldier' ​​with Park Geun-hyung, Park Hwi-soon, Loco, and Crush.

Park Hwi-soon announced the news of marriage with a lover who has been dating for the last year.

His prospective bride drew hot attention by releasing the text and image "Comeman Park Hwisoon is going to marry! I will take you" through Park Hwisoon's SNS.

On September 22nd, a picture of the groom and the bride was posted on Park Hwi-soon's Instagram account with a post saying'Gagman Park Hwi-soon is going to marry.

The author, who introduced him as'Hwisoon's brother's girlfriend', started writing, "I would like to greet him by stealing his brother's account for a while in order to convey the sudden but good news."

“In the meantime, comedian Park Hwi-soon has been saying'Can we have a relationship?','When will we get married?','Which woman will I take?'

Are you curious and worried?

Now, I think you can alleviate that worry a bit!!

Yes..!!ㅎㅎ I will take you!!

Unlike the appearance, I decided to marry me because I was very warm, caring, and caring for me.

On the day this guy's front teeth fall out, I'm going to put xylitol on it,,,ㅠㅠ" I wrote.

In addition, Park Hwi-soon's girlfriend said, "I am very careful to inform you of this news in a difficult time with corona, but I hope that all the bride and groom all over the country will work together with us! As it is a difficult time, we will become more solid with the people next to us and be happy.

I hope you will become a hungry ship!! If you congratulate me with joy, I would be grateful."

The prospective bride Park Hwi-soon is expected to have a wedding in mid-November after a year of romance as a non-celebrity.

In'Radio Star', Park Hwi-soon recalled the moment when love began, saying, "I have a thrill that I haven't felt for a long time."

Park Hwi-soon, who was shyly revealing her love story, asked about the age difference between her bride and the prospective bride, asking "Can we talk about it after marriage?", and then provoked curiosity because she admitted that she was over ten years old.

Following the suspicion of MCs and other actors that'Isn't you trying to conceal the age difference and induce you to search for the name of Park Hwi-soon,' Park Hwi-soon raised her voice with "Younger than Loco" born in 89 and "Duni and..."

It raises curiosity about the fact that he continued to be pushed over to reveal the age of the bride-to-be.

In addition, Park Hwi-soon confessed the reason he went from Seoul to Samcheok every month, saying that it was not easy to get permission to marry.

Rob it.

Meanwhile, special MC E-Dawn, who appeared while showing off humanity (?) by popping a kiss on Kim Gura, sympathized with Park Hwi-soon's love story, transformed into a'human tripod' for his girlfriend, and said that he revealed to his lover Hyuna that he said "I get scolded every day," causing curiosity.


In the end, Eden is going to give a laugh by revealing an anecdote that responded to Hyuna's scolding (?), saying, "I said a word to (Hyuna) a while ago because I'm not usually angry."

In addition, E-Dawn raises expectations by showing off the reaction of his lover Hyun-ah, who learned of the special MC of'Radio Star', to the tasting dance of the new song'Dundy Red', which is recently gaining attention.

The love story of Park Hwi-soon, the groom in November, can be confirmed through'Radio Star', which is scheduled to air at 10:40 pm on Wednesday the 14th.