'Pongsungahhakdang' Lim Young-woong-Youngtak-Lee Chan-won-Jang Min-ho, each bet on their beloved items and useless items, and entered the'Jwachungwoodol Quiz Showdown

2020-10-14 21:45:05

Young-woong Lim, Young-tak, Lee Chan-won, and Jang Min-ho of the'Pongsungahhakdang' enter the'Jwachungwoodol Quiz Confrontation' with their beloved items and useless items.

On the 23rd episode of TV CHOSUN'Pongsungah Hakdang', which airs on the 14th (today), Trotman F4 will hold a breath test'No Quiz' time between the members to check how much they know about each other who have been close like a family.

Prior to the'Quiz Confrontation', Trotman F4 prepared a special treasured item to deliver to the members who answered many correct answers and a useless item to give to the members who did not answer the correct answer.

As the quiz time started in earnest, Trotman F4 hurried to answer the quiz and heated up the atmosphere of the scene.

Most of all, Young Tak and Lee Chan-won made a laugh with the chemistry in the quiz to select the rank of appearance.

As much as they know each other well, the two who had a lot of playfulness exploded as the last members of each other all the time, writing each other's names and playing an active part as the best entertainment show.

Moreover, Lee Chan-won, who recently reached the peak of his artistic sensation, gave the Trotman F4 members and the on-site staff a great deal with a mysterious message to Young-tak.

In particular, Jang Min-ho drew attention by preparing a very special gift as a cherished item.

After starting Trot, it was the first thing I bought with the money I earned.

As a result, the member who received the gift expressed gratitude and was thrilled when Jang Min-ho helped wear her beloved items.

Following this, Lim Young-woong is drawing attention to what the treasured items and useless items of Trotman F4 wrapped in a veil will be, taking out valuable items he always carries as treasured items, making even those who watched it coveted.

And in the small corner of the quiz on this day, Trotman F4's'acting test' was conducted and focused attention.

Young-tak shared a heartbreaking breakup story that he couldn't hear anywhere else, and asked for a special song to immerse himself in his emotions.

Lim Young-woong showed off her acting skills that were more advanced than the last'acting class' with a unique motive input.

Truly, the results of Trotman F4's'Acting Test' are raising questions.

On the other hand, while taking the quiz, Lim Young-woong gave a heartbeat as a romanticist.

By explaining the answer to his quiz, he said that he became humanly admired against the innocence of'this person' who married his first love.

Expectations are gathering at'No Quiz Time', where you will learn about the parts of Trotman F4 that you did not know about who this person Lim said.

The production crew said, "Trotman F4 conveys beloved items with a special story and expresses a special feeling for each other."

Meanwhile, the 23rd episode of TV CHOSUN'Pongsungahhakdang' will be aired at 10 pm on the 14th (today).