Bang Eun-hee's son, mother's boyfriend foreigner, 20 years younger is okay

2020-10-15 09:45:03

Actor Bang Eun-hee's son showed a deep side that was not suitable for his age, and made the performers envy.

In the recently aired MBN talk entertainment program “Sockful Show Dongchimi,” various conversations were held on the subject of “I am happy without a husband?”.

On this day, through the VCR, actor Bang Eun-hee (born in 1967, 54 years old) living in the house was revealed.

She spent her daily life with her 19-year-old son, Kim Doo-min, a senior high school student this year.

On this day, Bang Eun-hee's son woke up his mother, who had slept late while playing a game, and surprised those who made it until morning.

His son, who is currently a senior at an international school in Jeju-do, showed a friendly appearance, spreading jam on bread to Eun-hee Bang.

Especially to Eunhee Bang, who was divorced, “I wish my mom made a little boyfriend.

Foreigners are also good, and 20 years younger and younger are fine.”

In an interview with the production crew, the son said, “I hope (boyfriend) is friendly to my mother.

She also has a lot of aegyo.

I hope you can express it a lot.