'Pongsungahhakdang', Lim Young-woong, Young-tak, Lee Chan-won, Jang Min-ho, bursting with a beautiful sense of entertainment in a whole-hearted class

2020-10-16 11:05:04

Young-woong Lim, Young-tak, Lee Chan-won, and Jang Min-ho, who are "Pongsungah Hakdang", continued to run the throne to the top in demand entertainment in the ‘Eccentric Whole Heart Class.’

The 23rd episode of TV CHOSUN “Pongsungah Hakdang” broadcasted on Wednesday on the 14th recorded 11.7% of national audience ratings based on Nielsen Korea, and won the 1st place in terrestrial and general water entertainment.

In addition, the highest audience rating in Bundang soared to 13.7%, proving that it is a'trot entertainment restaurant'.

On this day's broadcast, Trotman F4 succeeded in paragliding at the'Ponghakdang First MT', where Trotman F4 left with Jeong Dong-won and Kim Hee-jae, and gave a hot smile to the home theater with the appearance of building a thicker friendship through a highly difficult one-hearted mission


After leaving MT, Trotman F4, Jung Dong-won, and Kim Hee-jae transformed into “flying pong boys” and started paragliding challenges.

However, Lee Chan-won hesitated to challenge while thinking of the bungee jump, and the members who were full of confidence confessed their fear as they climbed to the gliding point, and a crisis came to the “flying pong boys”.

But first, while Min-ho Jang and Dong-won Jeong jumped into nature and showed time to sing'Partner', Young-woong Lim, Hee-jae Kim, and Young-tak flew into the sky, while Young-woong Lim sang'Only I Trust' and Young Tak sang'The Man'


Lastly, Chanwon Lee also took courage and succeeded in flying, and all of the TOP6 got memories that they will never forget.

Afterwards, Trotman F4, which appeared in a hanok village on a sunny autumn day, began a friendship test with a golden friendship ring.

First of all, we conducted a'motion matching game' in which 6 out of 10 questions were successful in order to hold the gold ring, and we knew whether the flower road would spread easily by hitting the first question,'heart', but the differences in expression methods for each generation were revealed.

He couldn't jump over and the first round failed.

In the second round, Trotman F4 challenged the'point choreography' in which four of the 7 questions had to be answered, but the failure was due to the body of Trotman, Lee Chan-won, and Lim Young-woong, who expressed the dance delivered to the person in front with his own interpretation.

It was announced.

However, as an idol in the past, Minho Jang, who showed his dancing skills, and Young Tak, whose senses were fully activated, showed the ability to "pretend to pretend" and guess.

In addition, the more Lim Young-woong and Lee Chan-won took the quiz, the more they reborn as “dancers and dance kings,” eventually obtaining a friendship ring, and Trotman F4 gave off the warmth of giving each other a ball while taking a verification shot of the friendship ring.

In "Telepathy Bibimbap," where one ingredient is selected for each lunch time, and bibimbap is completed, Jang Min-ho brought red pepper paste, sesame oil, Lim Young-woong, Young Tak, and Lee Chan-won each with three colors of herbs.

Trotman F4 challenged the “Forgotten Season” to achieve the mission of having to get 90 karaoke points to get rice, and achieved 96 points with a “Pongomabi Voice” that seemed to swallow autumn to make delicious bibimbap.

Moreover, each of the four enjoyed a delicious bibimbap meal more than ever, acquiring fried eggs with an N act of laughter.

Next, Trotman F4 entered the “No-No Quiz” to check how well they know each other.

In addition, in the “No-Go Quiz,” a special event was prepared to present a treasured item to the quiz honor student and a useless gift to the last person in the quiz.

Jang Min-ho released U-BeS tapes and cassette tapes, which are rare items to be called a treasured item and useless item, and his first trot single album, “I Love You,” which went to Chan-won Lee and Young-woong Lim, respectively.

Young-Tak's luxury toy treasured goods and useless word quiz book were respectively occupied by Lim Young-woong and Lee Chan-won, and Lee Chan-won's beloved wine was handed over to Lim Young-woong, and a paper star folded directly to Jang Min-ho.

And Lim Yeong-woong presented the same product as the beloved backpack he carries with him every day to No. 1 Jang Min-ho, and the broken Bluetooth microphone, which was always with him during the schedule movement, to Young-tak, the last one.

Lastly, the four people finished the “Eccentric Whole Heart Class” by giving a perfect score for the class, saying, “I played so happily as if on a picnic”.

TV CHOSUN'Pongsungahhakdang' airs every Wednesday at 10pm.