Law of the Jungle Chef Ji-ho Lim makes eyes and mouth enjoyable with various ingredients that the members caught

2020-10-16 18:45:04

SBS'The Law of the Jungle-Hunter and Chef', which came back with a new concept of'Hunter and Chef', firmly kept the number 1 in the entertainment ratings at the same time.

'The Law of the Jungle-Hunter and Chef', broadcast on the 10th, surpassed major entertainment programs broadcasted at the same time with an average rating of 5.9% for the first part and 8.5% for the second part (hereinafter based on the Nielsen Korea metropolitan area household).

Soaring to 10.5%, he vomited to break through double digits.

On this day's broadcast, a splendid “natural cooking” feast of “Wandering Sikkeng” Lim Ji-ho (born 65 years old in 1956) caught the eye.

Lee Yong-jin said, "Gangnam chefs have to close their doors. It makes no sense to do this in an hour," said Lim Ji-ho, who made his eyes and mouth enjoyable with various ingredients caught by the members.

Kim Gura, who showed off the chemistry of Lim Ji-ho and Hwanjang, also made a laugh by adding, “I'm pretty sorry for being suspicious of'it must be healthy food'.”

Afterwards, Satisfaction divided into three teams for dinner and went on a hunt.

Gong Seung-yeon, Kim Kang-woo, and Yong-jin Lee formed an uninhabited island team to pick up all sorts of algae and goreul in the harsh conditions of the sea-moo.

In the process, Jiho Lim and Gura Kim obtained cuttlefish, flounder, and ganjami to secure a rich dinner table.

However, afterwards, Kim Gura became sick with severe motion sickness, so he could not eat a single cuttlefish sashimi caught by raising his net.

Kim Gura said, "I'm sorry that I didn't help. It's the first time I'm so sorry for the broadcast."

Meanwhile, Kim Byung-man started hunting on the beach as it became difficult to hunt in the sea due to sea fog.

Along with great repairs and green onions, we also acquired a large number of crabs, and Chef Lim Ji-ho once again predicted top-notch cooking with abundant ingredients.

In particular, he started making “cuttlefish sushi” using cuttlefish, and Kim Byungman was surprised, saying, “I was eating sushi in the jungle.”

This scene jumped to 10.7% of the highest ratings per minute, and took the'Best 1 Minute'.

Chef Lim Ji-ho, who presents amazing dishes with natural ingredients every time, is getting a hot response online as he rises to the top of search terms on major portal sites right after the broadcast.