Curious story Y Baek Jong-won's alley restaurant Min-a's sneaky stole What is their identity?

2020-10-16 19:45:04

& Hell's field trip, why did Manager Kim find his younger brothers?

The first ‘Curious Story Y’ Alley Restaurant Controversy, what are the identities of those who stole Mina’s gong?

Min-ah, the owner of the “Dongjuk” store, appeared in the Pohang Twimro section of SBS .

She studied about 100 recipes, and after numerous trials, she made with new ideas and excellent taste, and received high praise from Mr. Jongwon Baek.

Even after the broadcast, she records the taste evaluations of customers in a notebook, and is still improving the taste of the porridge.

However, it is said that Mina has a problem these days.

Someone took her menu and created a “Donjuk-dukjuk” franchise brand, and even applied for a trademark right!

Min-ah sent a certificate of contents to Lee, the representative of the company, but the answer did not come back, and in the end, he had no choice but to post an appeal on social media...

“How I came to make this

The time and process of each day, every day, I watched the progression again.

I did it this way, but that was so unfair.

It's so unfair (the company) has already opened a few affiliate stores

How can I do this?”


A few days later another company appeared, claiming that the idea had been stolen from Mr. Lee.

A representative of a beverage company that sells drinks targeting young women said that not long after the launch of a new product in July of last year, Lee filed an objection to the registration of a trademark under the same brand name first to the Korean Intellectual Property Office and is waiting for the result.

In the end, the representative of the beverage company could not actively advertise even after launching a new product.

One year passed, and last night, the representative of the beverage company said that he received a call from Mr. Lee.

“At first (Lee) said I'm sorry.

I was honest.

Now, aren't you doing that, not just me?

Because of this, he was stupid.

He said he would immediately cancel (the application for trademark registration)...”

-Representative of beverage companies

In this week's , amid the controversy over alley restaurant plagiarism, this week's attempts to find out what they are, who have stolen Min-A's ‘Park Juk’ and why they do this.

Second curious story Y Hell's field practice, why did Manager Kim find his younger brothers?

A male student who wants to erase from his memory.

It was Minho (pseudonym), who was in the third year of specialized high school.

In early September, during a field trip with a fluttering heart, Minho met a man in his twenties, “Manager Kim (pseudonym).”

Manager Kim, who supervised the students in practice.

He only loved Minho because he was good at work, and Minho also admired Mr. Kim, who had the title of manager at a young age.

But last September, a shocking incident took place in the company dormitory.

Manager Kim advised Minho to'go to sleep in his room'.

Mr. Minho said he couldn't reject Mr. Kim's request to give him a “kiss” in bed.

This is because, if I could only see Kim's eyes and endure the four-week training period, I was able to join a fairly large company in the region as a full-time job.

Minho is said to have embraced the wounds alone, thinking that things will not grow if only he is tolerated.

Surprisingly, however, Minho wasn't the only student suffering from the same incident.

'If it's my younger brother, can't you give me a kiss on my cheek?


(Director Kim) He puts his hand on his body and he was bitter..

-Additional victim student INT-

Minho realized the seriousness of the incident through the confession of Do-yoon (pseudonym) who had a similar incident to him.

Those who gave up on-site training revealed the truth of the incident on social media to prevent the occurrence of a second victim.

Surprisingly, there were not one or two additional victims who responded.

Besides, they were all seniors from the same school as Minho.

Even after the on-the-job training, Mr. Ji-Hoon (pseudonym), who had joined as a full-time employee, confessed that he had suffered a similar sexual assault by Manager Kim, even though he clearly showed rejection.

The truth of the field training that was like hell.

Didn't the school know about this?

He said it was because he was drinking and the kids were lovely and cute

For students, that's annoying.

-Employment Support Officer Teacher INT-

In this week's SBS's Curious Story Y, we will dig into the whole story of the field training that left only the history of'wound' to children.

It broadcasts at 8:55 pm on the 16th today.