Miwoo bird Um Gi-jun, ideal-hyung Moon Geun-young, Kim Hee-seon, Lee Won-hee's house visits, Hong Jin-young, Kim Joon-ho while trying to hear advice

2020-10-17 11:45:03

SBS “My Ugly Little Boy” has solidified its position as No. 1 in Sunday entertainment for 34 consecutive weeks.

According to Nielsen Korea, ‘My Ugly Little Boy (Miwoobird)’, which was broadcast on the 11th, recorded 13.4%, 13.6%, 13.5%, and 5.3% target audience ratings of 2049 households in the metropolitan area, ranking first in Sunday entertainment.

In particular, in the scene where Lee Tae-sung cuts his son's hair and plays a balance game, the highest rating per minute soared to 16.6% and focused attention.

On this day, as a special MC, actor Um Gi-jun (age 45, born in 1976), who is moving ten days from the musical to the drama “Penthouse,” was welcomed by the late Venus.

In an interview with Shin Dong-yeop, Um Gi-jun said in an interview that he wanted to start a family forty years ago, but when asked, "How old do you want to start a family now?"

When asked about his ideal type, he said, "In the past, he was Mr. Moon Geun-young," and said, "I thought,'Will I be able to act like that at that age?'

Next, the ideal type now drew attention by answering "a bright person!"

While acting together, he picked “Song Hye-kyo” as a pretty real female actor and “Jeong Woo-seong” as a real male actor.

Lee Tae-sung (born in 1985, age 36) drew attention by transforming into a ‘scissors hand’ dad who cuts the hair of his son Han Seung-i.

While cutting his hair, Seung-i Han suggested a balance game to his dad.

First, Han Seung-i asked Lee Tae-sung, "Will you cover your face or body if there is a fire in the bath?"

Han Seung said, "I can't cover my body with my hands, so I think I'll cover my face first," said Taesung, too.

Then Han Seung asked his dad, "But, when will my younger sibling be born?" Lee Tae-sung was confused and asked who would he choose among "Pretty Sister vs. Pretty Girlfriend."

Han Seung pondered, and then replied, “Pretty younger sister,” “I even thought about the name of my younger brother.

If I'm a male younger brother, I'm Hanseung, so I'll go to two-seung, three-seung, four-seung, five-seung, and if a girl's younger, Hannah, Duna, Sena...

I can do it,” he said and gave a smile.

This scene soared to 16.6% on this day, making the best one minute.

Following this, Taesung and Hanseung had a happy time making'Sweets Pajeon' with green onions and seafood flavored snacks.

Hong Jin-young (age 36, born in 1985) is depicted visiting the office of a businessman and comedian Kim Joon-ho (born in 1975, 46 years old).

When Jinyoung said, “As the company's representative, I came to get advice from a senior representative,” Joonho Kim explained how to overpower the other party's initiative from a handshake position.

But the more I talked, the more flimsy Junho's business philosophy was, and Jinyoung Hong said, “Opa!

Didn't you ruin a lot while doing business?”

After hearing the story of Kim Joon-ho's ruined item, Jin-young Hong said, “We need to promote a business that is related to ourselves,” and rather, drew attention with a bone-like approach.

In response, Kim Jun-ho made everyone laugh by explaining, "My iron rule is good. If it breaks down to the bones, I can't recover."

Kim Hee-seon (age 44, born in 1977) visited Lee Sang-hee's house, Jae-hoon Tak (53-year-old born in 1968), Sang-min Lee (48-year-old born in 1973), Lee Sang-hee (51-year-old born in 1970), and the Dolshing Trio


In particular, the three started to show off their closeness with Kim Hee-sun.

Lee Sang-min boasted of his friendship, saying, "I also spoke with Kim Hee-sun's mother. I said I had to send it home before 10 pm."

In response, Lee Min-hee said, "I shared with him for four months because of the work," and said, "The person who spoke with Hee-seon 3 days ago," and ignited the ‘friendship competition.’

Kim Hee-sun laughed at the bluff of his younger brothers, saying, "It's a child and it's meaningless."

Next, Kim Hee-sun asked whether Tak Jae-hoon was fixed as a “miwoobird”.

Hee-seon said, "Isn't it semi-fixed if it came out sparsely. Only when half comes out and half is needed."

In addition, "Tak Jae-hoon's brother is an image. It is the moon that revolves around'Miwoobird'. It should disappear during the lunar eclipse."

SBS “My Ugly Little Boy” airs every Sunday at 9:05 pm.