What is the end of the heartbreaking love story between a brother and a woman who fell in love with a woman at the same time'when I was the most beautiful'?

2020-10-17 13:45:02

MBC's'When I Was Most Prettiest' ended with a heartbreaking ending in which Lim Soo-hyang, Ji-soo, and Ha Seok-jin confirmed their love for each other and regretted it.

According to the audience rating research company Nielsen Korea, the 16th episode of “My Family” (based on Part 2) recorded 5.0% of the nation's household ratings, and achieved a remarkable beauty by breaking its own highest ratings.

MBC Wednesday and Thursday mini-series'When I Was Most Beautiful' (directed by Oh Kyung-hoon, Song Yeon-hwa/screenplay Jo Hyun-kyung/produced May Queen Pictures, Rae Mong-raein) (hereinafter referred to as'I'm Yes') in the final episode

While (Im Soo-hyang) lived with his mother, Kim Go-woon (Kim Mi-kyung), who had longed for so much, Seo Hwan (Ji Soo) and Seo Jin (Ha Suk-jin) remember Oh Ye-ji in the depths of their hearts.

Like this, ‘My Ga-Ye’ filled up Thursday night with a thrilling lingering sound until the end, completing an emotional melody that will remain deep in the hearts of viewers.

In this regard, I pointed out three things that ‘My Ga-Ye’ left.

‘My Ga-Ye’ attracted attention with the four-color love method of four protagonists Lim Soo-hyang, Ji-soo, Ha Seok-jin, and Hwang Seung-eon (carry Jeong).

First of all, Lim Soo-hyang showed a love full of patience, waiting for her husband, who gave him an insane excitement and a hot night, an agonizing longing and despair like death.

In addition, Jisoo expressed his pure love that does not change over the years for his first love, and Ha Seokjin expressed his selfish pride while he wanted to monopolize the love of a woman.

In addition, Hwang Seung-eon showed a deteriorated love that became increasingly insane obsession due to a strong desire for possessiveness toward a man, giving a heart-tightening feeling to the home theater.

It was possible because of the great performance of the main and supporting actors, from Lim Soo-hyang to Kim Mi-gyeong, who perfectly digested the characters and established the center of the play, which made ‘My Ga-Ye’ brighter.

Im Soo-hyang proved the power of Belieb Bobae by expressing the soft but strong, hard and strong Oh Yeji with flawless smoke every time, from a gruesome glance to an explosive melody.

He proved his acting ability.

Ha Seok-jin was paralyzed from a hot adult man to a paralyzed lower body in an accident of an injustice, but showed a real man who had a desire to conquer behind him with a constant acting ability.

In addition, Hwang Seung-eon flexibly portrayed the duality of a character obsessed with a twisted love enough to cause an injustice for a man he loves.

In addition, Kim Mi-gyeong moistened the home theater every time with a regretful maternal love that even took over murder crimes for the happiness of her daughter, and Choi Jong-hwan (as Seo Sung-gon) showed a deep paternal love that warmly reads two sons between a woman.

Park Ji-young gave another point of watching ‘I’m good’, such as having a tug-of-war between his daughter-in-law Im Soo-hyang and his son's lover Hwang Seung-eon with a greater desire for success than maternal love.

‘My Ga-Ye’ created a warmer sensibility with the powerful story unfolded by the artist Cho Hyun-kyung and the directing synergy of the sensuous and delicate director Oh Kyung-hoon.

Following the previous work, artist Cho Hyun-kyung again showed the power of love, sadness of false love, pure first love, and detailed emotional lines and delicate psychological descriptions as if breathing into each character with a high density of writing skills.

In particular, Jisoo’s “I want to do that.

It made the viewers heartbeat and heated the heat of the home theater with famous lines that hit the minds until the end, such as ruining my life.”

Director Oh Kyung-hoon doubled the fun of the play with a directing method emphasizing the symbol of the character crossing the whirlwind of fate that is swirling along with the mixed romance between a woman and a brother.

In particular, the scene in the play where Jisoo rides Lim Soo-hyang on the back of a bicycle and runs on a country road, and the Super Moon scene that strongly expresses Lim Soo-hyang's first departure and romance with Ha Seok-jin.


Here, the lyrical piano and the OST that tunes the tension of the play such as Sohyang, Han Dong-geun, and Shim Gyu-seon with strong vocal powers were harmonized to complete the well-made melody ‘My Ga-Ye’, which stands out with a sad and sad sensibility.

Meanwhile, MBC's Wednesday and Thursday miniseries'When I was the Prettiest' is a heartbreaking love story between a brother who fell in love with a woman at the same time and a woman trapped in an unknown fate.

The 16th episode ended on the 15th (Thursday).

The sequel will be "The Spy Who Loved Me", a thrilling secret romantic comedy starring Moon Jung-hyuk and Yoo In-na, from next week.