'Immortal Masterpiece' Trot Namdae Daejeon Special Feature Gangjin, Shinyu, Na Taeju, Kim Yongim, Jo Jungmin pride confrontation

2020-10-17 14:05:03

The'Immortal Masterpiece', which airs on October 17, is decorated with a'trot men's and women's match special' in which trot male and female representative singers, who are at the center of the uncooled trot craze, compete with men's and women's teams.

On this day, the performers sang their representative songs from the time they introduced themselves, suppressing the opponent's initiative, and foreshadowing a sparkling confrontation with no concessions.

As the cast of the men's trot team, Kang Jin (born in 1955, 66 years old), the protagonist of the former national favorite song, appeared as the captain, and performed a magnificent stage by selecting Na Hoon-ah's “Arisu (Han River)”.

The original Trot Prince Shinyu (age 39, born in 1982) decorated Yoon Si-nae's'devotion' as a stage with sorrow and strength.

We have unveiled a splendid stage that was combined.

Then, as the performer of the trot female team, Kim Yong-im (born in 1965, 56 years old) appeared as the captain, and selected Park Kang-sung's'You Outside the Door' to show off a sad stage that stands out.

In addition, Jo Jung-min (born in 1986, 35 years old), the owner of the charm of eight colors, showed a variety of charms by selecting Shim Soo-bong's'I Hate' and performing from the piano to the fascinating tango dance.

) Sang Nam Ji-hoon's'Thousand Years Rock' with a powerful vocal.

The more splendid and fierce ‘trot man and woman’s special feature’ can be found on KBS 2TV’s “Immortal Masterpiece”, which airs at 6:05 pm on October 17th.