Woodasa 3 Tak Jae-hoon, Oh Hyun-kyung, Kim Yong-gun x Hwang Shin-hye couple and honest dating counseling...

2020-10-17 14:45:03

MBN's “Can We Love Again 3- An Unexpected Couple” (hereinafter “Wudasa 3”) Tak Jae-hoon and Oh Hyun-kyung couple raised the excitement index by having honest dating counseling with “Kum Seul of parakeet” Kim Yong-gun and Hwang Shin-hye couple.

In episode 5 of ‘Woo Dasa’, which aired on the 14th, the couple Tak Jae-hoon and Oh Hyun-gyeong, who appeared in three weeks, visited Kim Yong-gun and Hwang Shin-hye, who are ‘charging camping’, and added interest to the ‘real scene’ of double dating on the spot.

First, Kim Sun-kyung (53 years old born in 1968) X Lee Ji-hoon (42 years old born in 1979) “Seonji Couple”'s one month in Hadong countryside unfolded on the second day.

Lee Ji-hoon completed the beef bone soup by brewing the beef bone that had been airlifted from Seoul for Kim Sun-kyung overnight, and took the rice cake dumpling soup for breakfast.

In particular, for Kim Seon-kyung, who cares about the age difference between the ages of 10, Lee Ji-hoon impressed Kim Sun-kyung with her “extraordinary sense,” which matches her age by adding 11 more rice cakes to her rice cake soup.

After breakfast, the two people visited the elderly in the neighborhood, and they made rice cakes one by one and held a ‘go-in ceremony.’

Among them, Kim Sun-kyung couldn't get away easily after meeting her 94-year-old grandmother, who is the most adult in town and suffering from dementia.

Afterwards, Kim Sun-kyung confessed, “My mother has been suffering from dementia for 8 years, but even if she cannot recognize it with her eyes, she recognizes it with her voice.” “At first, I cried a lot, but now I am happy just that there is a mother.”

Made her heart feel stiff.

Hyun-woo (age 36, born in 1985) X Ji Joo-yeon (38-year-old born in 1983) cooked ramen for the first meal of a “natural life”.

When Joo Ji-yeon admired Hyun-woo's dexterity of making chopsticks by trimming trees on the spot, Hyun-woo confessed to his childhood, saying, "I have improved my talent as I tried to fix my friend's broken toy because my family was difficult."

Jo Ji-yeon showed a picture of a “stylish grandfather” saying, “I have a lot of memories with my grandfather.”

Joo Ji-yeon said, “My ideal type,” and at the same time, “It looks like my grandfather, is it my grandfather?”

At night, the two shared a harmonica, creating a romantic atmosphere, lying side by side in a single-seat tent, holding hands and admiring the stars.

"I liked it so much today, but I hope you too" and Ji Ji-yeon, who answered "Thank you," hugged closely with a "back hug", and the first night in a strange atmosphere ended.

Tak Jae-hoon (born in 1968, age 53) x Oh Hyun-kyung (born in 1970, age 51), the couple appeared in Seoul, not Jeju.

The ambitious “Otak Travel Agency” is on the verge of closing due to Corona 19.

The two who talked about their plans for the future set out on the road with the first goal of ‘driving training’ by Oh Hyun-kyung, who laid the steering wheel after a traffic accident 20 years ago.

Oh Hyun-kyung was thrilled to drive again with the help of Tak Jae-hoon.

The two who showed a breath of fantasy by singing ‘About romance’ on the spot immediately called Kim Yong-geon (75 years old born in 1946) x Hwang Shin-hye (58 years old born in 1963) to Boryeong, their chastity.


While Hwang Shin-hye and Oh Hyun-gyeong were preparing the hot pot, Kim Yong-gun and Tak Jae-hoon acted as errands for their “girlfriends”.

Kim Yong-gun praised Hwang Shin-hye, saying, "The person who can accept me who has nothing," said Tak Jae-hoon, and immediately sang a song to Hwang Shin-hye, who was tired of cooking, revealing her romanticism.

While having dinner, the Yonggeon X Shinhye couple said, “I love now.

I feel fresh in my life.”

On the other hand, when asked "How are you?", the'O-Tak Couple' said, "It's because I took care of it for a long time as my friend's older brother, and it's rather difficult because I'm only at home."


Kim Yong-Gun said, "You have to open the water" after catching the two people who keep their excitement while talking with'hawk eyes'.

The episode ended with Oh Hyun-kyung showing positive and shy Tak Jae-hoon showing off a strange chemistry.

It was an episode that made people look forward to the next episode with the confessions and various stories of the four couples who approached each other more sincerely.

On the other hand, a cookie video at the end of the broadcast was followed by Kim Yong-gun x Hwang Shin-hye and Tak Jae-hun x Oh Hyun-kyung's ‘New Word Speed ​​Quiz’, which in turn caused laughter.

MBN's ‘Udasa 3-An Unexpected Couple’ episode 6 will air at 11 pm on the 21st (Wed).