Heo Yoon-jung, while playing the main character and as a supporting role, held the toilet bowl and cried.

2020-10-17 15:05:03

Actor Heo Yoon-jung (55 years old, born in 1966), who made a name for herself as a beautiful actress in the home theater in the 1980s, appeared in'Star Documentary My Way' to reveal the current situation.

In TV Chosun's'Star Documentary My Way', which aired on the afternoon of the 12th, Heo Yoon-jung confessed, "I was taking the lead in a past drama and one day while I was playing a supporting role, I held the toilet bowl and cried."

Heo Yoon-jung said, "I wanted to act in'I Have Love for Jujube Trees', which appeared with my brother Son Hyun-joo because I was getting older, but I grazed on the grass every day. Thinking about it now, it's an easy and comfortable role, but at that time I have to pull out all my soul and play it.

I confessed, “I mistakenly thought that the smoke was shining.”

He said, "I wanted to do an acting that made Korea noisy," he said, and now he overcame the slump and changed his mind.

"We have to be grateful that we are there for even a minute anywhere. We are confident in anything and anything at our age," he said.

In the 1980s, Heo Yun-jung, who received attention as a'three beauty stars' with Kim Hee-ae and Hwang Shin-hye, was in the drama'Samsaekweed','First Love','The End of Love','A Jujube Tree Love,''Hotel''Shindon''You, Smile''Angel's

He appeared in'Selection'.

Currently, he is working as a professor in the Department of Performing Arts at Anyang University and is training juniors.