Miwoo bird Bae Jeong-nam, the owner of the boarding house who was a benefactor in childhood

2020-10-18 14:45:03

SBS'My Ugly Little Boy' reveals the tumultuous life story of Bae Bae Bae (born in 1983, age 38).

In 2018's ‘My Ugly Cub (Miwoobird),’ the reunion of Bae Bae Jeong-nam and his grandmother Cha Sun-nam, who took care of him like a mother as a child, was introduced and gave a hot impression.

Accordingly, the broadcast on the 18th will reveal the back story of Jung Nam, who left his grandmother Cha Sun-nam at the end of last year, and the heartbreaking story of Jung Nam, who could not be revealed anywhere else.

This time, Bae Jeong-nam visited a temple in Uiryeong, Gyeongnam, where the grandmother Cha Soon-nam, who died with Lee Sang-hee (born in 1970, age 51), was enshrined.

Bae Bae-nam, who had not been able to talk for a while in front of her grandmother's young jeong, who filled the empty seats of her parents, expressed regret, saying, "I will live harder" and "I will do better when you are here."

The late Vengers, who learned the news of Cha Soon-nam's grandmother, couldn't hold back the sadness of Bae Bae's appearance.

Bae Bae-nam, who was reminiscing about her memories with her grandmother, drew attention in front of Lee Sang-hee by confessing her childhood story, when she had to make a living by herself, saying, “I envy a harmonious house the most.

At the “Miwoo Bird” recording site, “I must have been really lonely” and “You worked a lot,” and they were amazed together.

Even Jungnam revealed for the first time a story he had only buried in his heart, and Wonhee, who heard this, expressed his regret and sent a silent consolation, saying, "I did well!"