A successful low-income raw fish restaurant through the muzzle, the only key to success

2020-10-20 10:45:04

In episode 298 of the recently broadcasted comprehensive programming channel, the story of the rich rich man who vertically increased the annual sales of sashimi by 10 times was introduced.

This is a situation where viewers are curious about how the rich and poor have achieved extraordinary success.

In this regard, we will reveal three secrets of his success.

■ Provide your own service

Choi Young-jun found out that there are no restaurants nearby that directly catch and serve seafood.

They judge that only being differentiated from others is the key to success, and they transform into a nerd.

From a 20kg giant octopus caught in a 15m deep sea while relying on a single oxygen tank to a cherry tree the size of an adult's face, customers are attracting attention.

The freshness of seafood is guaranteed by the fact that the rich man jumped into the sea and caught it!

It became one of the gods who vertically increased sales.

■ Change according to the situation

In the wake of the social distancing, the poor wealthy people introduced the drive-through in time when it was difficult to visit restaurants.

If you place an order by phone in advance and visit, you can pick up your food right away without getting out of the car.

Along with this, we also actively operate a delivery service!

Not only sashimi, but also mulhoe and various seafood are vacuum-packed and sent anywhere in the country.

As the times change rapidly, changing rapidly in line with the environment is a strategy for the rich to overcome the crisis without being abandoned.

■ If you help others, you will come back to me

In the past, the old-fashioned rich man whose ship was sunk due to bad weather during his work.

With the help of the marine rescue team, he barely saved his life.

With this opportunity, I realize how precious a helping hand is.

Since then, he has been taking the lead in helping people around him.

Before the typhoon comes, check the surroundings and tie a rope to prevent the ship from sinking!

He went on to fix a broken aquarium in a neighboring store, and he started out as a erythema.

This is because I think that the neighborhood will revitalize if everyone around us goes well, and customers will naturally come when the neighborhood revives.

The name of the raw fish restaurant, run by Mr. Choi Young-joon, the rich man of Muguri, introduced through the rich man of the day, is'Haesanghoe Restaurant'.

The address is located at 85, Haesang Park-gil, Ganggu-myeon, Yeongdeok-gun, Gyeongbuk.